Sable: A Free Flow Write

They named her Sable. Not for any other reason besides that of her sable skin. Such a prize she was, a beautiful token. She had heard people say about her whenever she passed.

Her father told her that she was a sign from Heaven. Sable didn’t know how to take such weight upon her shoulders. She was only eleven years old. It didn’t help at all that she couldn’t help that her head was always in the clouds-a habit that often earned her chastising words from her mentor.

“Focus, Sable! Focus!” Gareth was only 18, but he was one of the best warriors in Rilanbow. If she didn’t focus, if she allowed her mind to wonder off, as it often did, she would have another set of bloody knuckles to show for it, and rubbery legs before it was all said and done. Gareth would make her run a mile for each cut she carried.

She was glad that today she would not have to focus. Dreaming was in her blood, not war. But because of her sable skin, and her awkward height, she was expected to do just that-war. And more than war, be a general and eventually a matriarch to her tribe, and all for no other reason than the fact that she had been born a deep brown and managed to grow a foot taller than other children her age, almost as if over night.

For reasons beyond her control, she had been seen as an icon, the progeny of the great Ulysees.

She sat in the thick grass and ran her fingers up her veins, gulping as her head began to swim. It hadn’t happened too often, but it had started to do so more and more as of late. Her violet eyes would shift and focus like that of a Nepron-the massive stone birds with iron wings, and the heads and torsos of men.

Nepron blood also ran in her veins among other things. She was after all a distant relative of Ulysees.

Sable closed her eyes and spread her body out as warm wind blew over her frame, the grass rising above her hiding her from everyone’s view.

Living up to someone elses triumphs was not part of Sable’s plan. In all truth, she didn’t have a plan. She was only a child. The only thing she wanted to do was dream today, and that is what she did even though she could hear Gareth calling her name above the rustling of the wind.


I have to give glory to God for such a great week! I have so many narratives that I have thought about over the years and just have not had the time to sit down and breathe life into them, and this week, after much prayer, the stories have just been tumbling out. This is the start of one of them. I hope you enjoyed it thus far. There is definitely much more to come, three books actually, maybe even four!


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2 thoughts on “Sable: A Free Flow Write

  1. I really enjoyed reading this. The two opening lines were too catchy to pass up and then I was pleasantly surprised to find out it was a fantasy short. I liked the hints of a culture and history that run deep. It’s the kind of snippet that makes me want to see more so I can get all the fleshed out details.

    1. Thank you so much for reading, and your encouraging words. The are very much appreciated! Sable was a pleasant surprise as I have been trying for the better part of 8 years to figure out how to start a series of fantasy books and Sable is that glue. I have written parts of each book in the series but they have kind of been floating about waiting for something to ground them and pull them together…a root cause for telling their stories in the first place. Now the next phase is to “tell” the stories as well as Sable’s.

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