Except for You: A poem

I make mistakes

Even though its not something that I like to do

And I break my heart

Even though its not mine

It belongs to You

And I give my all

Even when it seems like zeros across the board

And no one else sees

the Worth that’s left of me

Except for You, Lord

Except for you Lord

I am nothing

Except for you Lord

I’m a well run dry

Except for you Lord

I am hardly all that I could every want to be

Except for when I find myself in You

Lost in Your peace


I actually sang this as somewhat of a lament, filled with equal parts repentance, revelation, and the utmost gratitude unto Yeshua Jesus. Trials are often met with disdain, but there is no purity to gold without fire. No matter how long I walk with Him, I will ever be the student, having to re-learn this truth on different levels of understanding. I thank Him nonetheless for His goodness. 



I came for the soup.dpp widgets


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