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Writing Process: A Question-What is Your Process?

For the last five years I had been the sole proprietor of a small business. It was hard, honest work-work that ate up most of my mental time, and creativity. I enjoyed it for the season that I was dedicated to it, but I recently closed that business, and have found myself with somewhat of a void.

No time PicWhat I mean is that where nearly ever waking hour of my day was dedicated to the growth and production of this business with as many moments stolen away to dedicate to my writing, I know find myself wearing a different hat; one where my muscle memory is focused in “business mode” but I am clearly standing in the land I have longed to be in for many years now, and that is the world of writing!

Now that I have all of this time on my hands to actually write, I find myself struggling to make the best use of it. Don’t get me wrong, I get at least 1,500 words in a day, but that is really not very many considering there are 24 hours in a day.

I now find myself looking for the most effective “process” to use my hours in a day; to write, to finish my last painting commission (I also do/did commissions so I suppose I had/have two small businesses), to edit and revise older manuscripts, to create more curious art, and lest I forget, time to blog. Free Time Pic


I suppose that makes two questions and not one, but we are all big kids so we can handle them 😉

I look forward to all of your sage advice…Truly, it would help to get a better handle on things.


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    • I like that! You haven’t so much said, “I must write 5 days a week.” but said “I must write at least 4 days a week.” There is a difference, that difference is freeing. Also, the outline…I do outline to a degree, really I write down ideas as they come. Thank you for your advice!

  1. I don’t manage my time effectively. I have limited time before breakfast and late in the evening due to work. On weekends I could be more productive. I don’t really have a process, I get carried away with an idea and then I become obsessive about it and then I work all hours to make it happen. It’s the obsession part that I long for during my quiet writing spells.

    • Gosh we are a lot a like. Before I started my business(s) I worked from 6:50 am til 10 pm, 3 different jobs, came home and wrote until 1:30am. I suppose that the the limitations are what fueled my focus…now that I don’t have those I have become…slovenly lol

      • Wow that was impressive! Bet you never complained how tired you felt either. I need to pick up the pace and transform myself!

      • Haha! I have no husband and no children so no one is/was of immediate need of me so in retrospect, I did okay in comparison to what you do now.

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