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Monday’s Muse: March 30th Writing Prompt


YOU CREATE THE OPENING LINE: For this week’s prompt, take the time to look at the image and write down the first line that comes to you. Afterward post your opening line in the Comments section below, and I will choose the best line to use in writing my 15 to 20 free flow. (I won’t say best, I will say the one that sparks my muse the most. 😉 )

I will choose the best line by Midnight on Wednesday April 1st.

As always, once you have written your piece, add a link to this original post and remember to add the tag, Monday’s Muse, to your finished piece.


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  1. Reblogged this on I came for the soup… and commented:

    I decided to dive back into my Monday’s Muse writing prompts with the last prompt I posted in March. Being that I was not the only one who failed to create a piece for this rich picture, I decided to give it another shot. Also, I decided to give this one a starting line of its own. Normal rules still apply.

    “He pulled back from the window, nearly falling over his chair, praying that they had not seen him.”

    Happy writing!

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