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Will You Create With Me: The Hope of Future Writing Prompts

Last year, about mid-way between starting this blog and now, I started developing Writing Prompts and Exercises.

For at least the last few months I have not created a single prompt, as I have been striving to get my life in order so that I can have more time working on the blog and writing my beloved novels. 1378764042vcbiu

As March was reborn this 2015, I found myself asking the God of Creation, what was I supposed to do now that there were no distractions to keep me from blogging. I mean yes, the simple answer is to create blogs, but I am a person who likes to “sow” and not “throw” my seed if you get what I mean?

In answer to my query, Yeshua Jesus gave me the simplest answer; “Do what you did at the beginning.”

What did I do at the beginning? I allowed art to bear fruit in whatever way it saw fit, but I allowed it to do so within parameters. In short, I made a deal with myself and my creativity to spend 15 to 20 minutes free flow writing, and an equal amount of time exploring different expressions of art.

I say all of that to say this, will you create with me? It will help us keep in touch.

I enjoy doing free flow writes so much, but I really like doing them with an image as inspiration.

My proposal:

  1. Post an image at the beginning of the week on the blog (It will be housed under my FICTION Tab in the Main Menu on Mondays, titled Monday’s Muse. )
  2. Underneath that image I will write the first line that comes to mind. (Some images I will leave without a first line for you. You can even leave me one of your choosing and I will attempt to create a written piece off of the best line I choose from your comments (I will need those posted by Wednesday.)
  3. YOUR TASK: Link up with that image and create a semi-free flow write (as I will be giving you the first line) of your own within 15 to 20 minutes.
  4. Once you have finished your story, attach a link back to my blog and lets see what we each come up with. Let’s create together!

If this sounds like something you would like to do, check out my page every Monday and be ready to share your results by Thursday that same week! I will have a Category titled Monday’s Muse under the Writing Prompts Tab.


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