Weird things Happen when I Paint

Weird things or should I say ridiculous things happen when I paint. Seriously, they do. I think it has to do with my overly relaxed, but completely concentrated state when I am painting. file0001532723234

I have eaten paint by accident before, since I tend to hold my brushes in my mouth…not a good thing since I paint with oils.

I often wear it which is part of collateral damage. But dang it! I stepped in it today and got paint all between my toes and the bottom of my foot.

How? Well I had to clean some colors off my pallet and thought I had put the towel away after cleaning, but I dropped it on my floor and then stepped in it…three times.

I know right? Craziness!

Alas I am not really complaining even though I spent a good few minutes with my foot in my sink using my special soap to get the paint off of my foot because heaven knows Dove does not remove oil paint whilst one is in the shower. I don’t care how much you scrub. And that just makes you feel like a failure, like you don’t know how to properly bathe yourself.

But on the other hand it does give you confidence in knowing that Dove soap is not stripping the natural oils from your skin. See? A silver lining. Dove soap

Anyhow, the painting I am currently working on is coming along beautifully. It is a 3ft by 5ft painting of Bobbie Gentry. (Google her already!) I would post an image BUT it is a commission and I don’t want to spoil anything for the person who commissioned it.

The beat goes on. God is good. I have had some pretty awesome creative successes this week and I just wanted to share that.


Pause on the cheers. What the heck, for all of you who have WRONGLY believed that Reba McEntire wrote the song “Fancy,” here is a gift of Bobbie Gentry singing the song SHE wrote. 

And while I am at it, here is Ms. Bobbie singing “Ode to Billie Joe.” There was a movie made after it too!

Cheers for real this time 😉

ART Palette


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