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The Important thing is the Story

I remember when I first started getting serious about writing, around the age of 14, how when I would find myself trying to figure things out for whatever genre I wanted to tackle, I would have a dream about Stephen King.

The important thing is the story…”~Stephan King

The first time it happened there was an avalanche. and he and I were hanging on for our lives and I only had time for one question before we both fell to our deaths. I asked him, “How do you write really good horror?”

After watching this video that is posted below I have come to realize the meaning of the question. What is the meaning? That in all the things surrounding us, with all the changes that we have no control over, the important thing is INDEED the story, as Stephen King explains below.

The important thing is the story…Our words are important. Our actions are important. The messages we leave for generations are extremely important. Our stories are important, whether we are writers or not.

The other thing that I take away from listening to this short interview is the fact that Stephen King has allotted time for his writing, he has a system. He calls it “writing hypnosis.”

Hearing this gives me a level of peace. For those of you who are also artist and writers, you understand how “odd” or awkward you feel when we get in the rut of comparing the system of our lives to that of those closest to us.

If we are the only writers or artists in our family, we come of as bizarre. Our routine is often question as if we have clinical issue.

The refreshing reality that comes to me, hearing that Stephen King and other famous authors who I have read have similar systems, is that although we may find ourselves buried under mounds of post-it notes, or have piles and piles of unfinished paintings brewing in our minds, we are indeed people of order and consistency.

We can be trusted to tell the story and honor the time that is needed to hone the words.

Here is a link to another interview where Stephen King gives a lot great advice to writers. Click HERE and enjoy!


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  1. I must disagree with Mr. King on one point. If I drop a book in the toilet, I’m done. I’m not drying out a paperback and reading it. No toilet books for me.

    • Hahaha! His comment there, also had me processing whether or not I am that hardcore of a book lover. I would probably let out a horrified shriek as if someone died, but for the most part the book would be toast.

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