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Editing and Gym Pants: More on Ascension Graveyard

Vector Art by Candice Coates

Vector Art by Candice Coates

Editing and revising a first draft of a story is a lot like pulling the draw string on a pair of gym pants; everything will come together much tighter, but there will still be a need to smooth things out.

The more I work on Ascension Graveyard, the more I keep the idea of reverse outlining (Link to post on Reverse Outlining HERE)  in mind, the more excited I become. The story is filling itself in, especially in places where I felt like I was just adding words for adding words sake.

This happens. It is a part of the process, not just of writing but in reaching 50,000 words before the close of 30 days during  a NaNoWriMo adventure.

Original Vector Art by Candice Coates

Original Vector Art by Candice Coates

I don’t know why Ascension Graveyard has been such a bear of a story to write for me. I have grown fond of the characters, I think the plot is fun, even if a bit dark.

But the one thing I can say is that beyond all the frustration that I have had during this journey I am glad to have had to face these trials. I personally believe that this process has truly developed my character, not just as a writer but as a person.

It would be easy to just throw in the towel and give up on this story, to see the mountain and not the success of overcoming the mountain.

But the more I have pushed, the more I have fought for this story, the more I have achieved breakthrough.

I have to say again that the revised story will differ from this first draft as far as pace, character development, and character presentation is involved.

It will also have a better “mouth feel” and plot flow, for lack of a better term. I borrow that from cooking and baking.

Original Vector art by Candice Coates

Original Vector art by Candice Coates

Think of a cake that has a good flavor but it is crumbly in the mouth instead of moist. It could be fantastic, you want to eat it, but the mouth feel is not what it could have been or should have been, but its still a good tasting cake.

Ascension Graveyard, in its current state, has an okay mouth feel. I assure you that what I have in store for revisions will be much better, at least to me anyway.

The villain will be more vile and the heroin and those who surround her will ring far clear than they currently are. For all I know those of you who have been reading along might find the pace satisfying. I sure hope so.


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