Fire in the Blood: A Free write Part 2 of Dark Sky

Louvo felt her blood turn into ice as the black shadow of the winged creator etched its silhouette against the face of the clouds of smoke. The wall of fire seemed to roll down the hills, closer and closer to her and sister, so close that the stone was beginning to grow hot.

“Kah-” Louvo gagged and coughed, the acrcid stench so thick that it chocked her sisters name from her throat. Kahleem had never been this skiddish nor foolish, not even when their mother had been killed, not even when their father died protecting them. She had always been so strong.

Over the last few months, Kahleem had begun to lose herself in the midst of day dreams. Life was hard for the two of them. Kahleem had begun to wonder what the world was like outside of their mountain village, away from the world they had grown up in, especially the last seven years of it. 13676596171kasg

Kahleem had been chastised for her curiosity, never by Louvo but certainly by others. Two teenage girls, left penniless and without a a means to provide for themselves were fit for nothing more than slaves, and that is what they had been reduced to upon their parent’s deaths, slaves.

Everyone knew that slaves were not allowed to dream, not if they meant to complete an honest days work and earn their keep. But Kahleem refused to cease her dreams. “Dreaming is in our blood. “ She had cried to Louvo the last time she had felt the sting of bamboo against the bare flesh of her thighs.

Their mother and father had always told them about the dragons and why they slept so closely to their village. It was believed, as the nursery rhyme went, that “Some of their kin lived among the sons of men and so they slept and dreamed of them.” Louvo held her little sister close to her, soothing her as best she could anger welling in the pit of her belly with a heat she had never felt before.

The only words that could come from her soul as she soothed her sister suddenly sprang to her mind as she reached for her through the darkness. “So is fire.” She had said.

Louvo snatched her hand back out of the darkness, her skin beginning to crawl. Forcing herself she peered back into the dark of the cave and stared at the dark shape the was her sister, should have been her sister, but suddenly she knew better. Kahleem had run away from their hut some weeks ago but had come back before the sun had risen. She had come back…different.

“You are not Kahleem.” Louvo hissed.

The figure stilled in the darkness, a tiny rumble followed by sparks from her lips, lit the darkness. “You are very wise.”


If you have not read part one, called Dark Sky, follow this LINK.

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