Glow of the Sun: A Free write

Her head was turned to the side, in an angle pushed slightly upward by the cradle of her palm, as if to catch more light from the sun.

Winston let out a breath as he watched her, sitting across from him in her corner of the office, basking out the window. He quickly pulled a piece of printer paper from his desk drawer and with quick, deliberate, but yet delicate strokes, begin to capture her pose in an expression of ink.

The look on her face was captivating. She was definitely daydreaming and he wondered what about. His mind raced with the possibilities, and with each thought the pressure of his pen would ease or deepen bringing forth a brilliant contrast between paper and dark blue ink.

“You have missed your calling,”

The sudden whisper and the scent of pickles and rye assaulted Winston’s nose and ears. The pen dragged awkwardly down the side of the paper. He frowned, tracing the errant mark with his finger as if it were a tender wound before tucking the page out of sight.

His coworker took another bite of his sandwich but didn’t bother not to speak. “Ah don’t cover it up. Its beautiful!” The man’s eyes darted in the woman’s direction and then back to Winston. “You should talk to her, give her one of your drawings,”

Winston turned to him horrified. He had drawn her every day for nearly two months, each drawing meant to be private, just an expression of need; need to create, need to capture her beauty before the precious moments slipped. He was used to precious moments leaving him. He had learned to capture them now.

The other man chuckled. “Oh come on, me and Charlie have taken the liberty to look at your work. Its really good. She would like it.”

Winston felt his jaw clench. Such an act of violation. “You had no right to go through my desk.” His words were clipped. The sunlight reflected off the gold band of his ring finger. He twisted it around his finger with the same motion that his stomach was twisting.

The warmth of his coworker’s hand seeped through his vest. “We meant no harm. Besides, you shouldn’t hide them. Its been a long time. You aren’t doing anything wrong. And I don’t,” He sighed before finishing his thought. “I don’t think she would mind, Winston.”

Winston looked up at the woman and the sun light brightened about her head, forming a halo with outline of her hair. Her eyes met Winston’s and she smiled sweetly.

Winston smiled in return as heat crept up his neck. His coworkers hand tightened on his shoulder. “Nah, she wouldn’t mind at all. I think she might be telling you that right now. Look how she brightened the sun.”


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