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I think I am on to something: A continuation of thought from last year

If you have taken the time at all to read through the posts found under “About” on this blog, then you are aware that I created this blog in order to do one thing, and that is grow as a creative voice.

I have taken the time to break down how I would like to grow, where I would like to grow, and what kindled this desire. I am not going to go into that right now, but you are free to take a read through (just click the word “about” and also hover over “about” to read other things) whenever you have the time.


As I leaf through my sketchbook the images that draw me the most are the ones that I have done using colored pencil. I fell like, and this may not necessarily be a GREAT thing but it sure ain’t bad either, that the instant gratification that I get from doing a drawing in colored pencil is far more satisfying than any other medium that I have used over the past year. colored pencils

Not only that, but more ideas jump into my mind about how versatile colored pencils are. Mixed media work is something that I love to toy with and lately I have been wanting to do some illustration involving oil washes, acrylic, and colored pencil.

As it comes to available time, colored pencil are perfect because I can get the mental result and clarity in an hour with them, whereas with just straight oil painting it could take days, weeks, months, and depending on the painting…years.

Ink, especial medium size ball point pen, is nice too, but its not archival. 1367526801v08km

So with that in mind, I am heavily considering focusing my future works on colored pencil, while also throwing in some other mediums. Recently I found out about Winsor & Newtons Watercolor markers, and my goodness how I would love to use those. I shall as soon as I purchase them.


You guessed it. I have more to say about Ascension Graveyard.

I have a confession of my own error with this book.  Here it is; SOME OF MY CHAPTERS ARE WAAAAAAAAAY TO LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG! I mean, 4,000 words to a chapter, really?!

Having that many words in ONE chapter is acceptable, maybe even three, but I think I have done it 6 times and that is just too much. So of course I will be fixing that during revisions.

I think the cause of my long winded chapters has to do with the inclusion of Etta’s journal entries. What I realize is that I can totally have two or three chapters under the same journal entry. They don’t have to embody one chapter alone.

Heck! I could even go as far as three chapters per one journal entry if that is necessary. So I intend to fix that during revisions as well.

Yes, that will change the flow and tone of the story, but that is to be expected. After all, this is a free flowing first draft born out of a NaNoWriMo experience from the month of June 2014.


Possibly. I really just want to flow with more purpose and order. Be more consistent. Let’s face it, we all have busy lives. We all have other people, tasks, family happenings that draw on our precious time, but we still need to stay in the game. We created our blogs for a reason and that was to be a blogger.

I kind of feel like if I get a proper drafting/art table I will be more purposeful with my art as well.

We shall see.

I do have a question for all of you superheros out there, how do you manage to keep to your craft and balance the other duties in your lives?

And before I forget, here is a video I found on youtube about the watercolor markers, should you care to try them yourselves.


I came for the soup.dpp widgets


  1. Time wise, I find it helpful to write drafts of my post the night before, before going to sleep, or even in the bathroom (sorry for the TMI) with the tablet. Then all I need to do is do the drawing and insert it and the reference image. I’m even thinking about drafting a whole week of entries on the weekend for the upcoming workweek. I love your colored pencil idea. I never thought I’d enjoy them that much, but I started watching tutorials on and bought a few Polychromos pencils to try. Loved them so much, I put them on my Christmas list, and haven’t picked up a watercolor brush since. As you say, I think when you’re pressed for time, it’s hard to beat them!

    • LOL you are fine. Its a good use of time. And I think you have a good idea for time management with doing the weeks worth of drafts. Systems are good things. I need to figure out a better one so that I can get more done. And I, like you, had not thought that I could really enjoy colored pencil until I sat down and really attempted to use them. I watched some tutorials as well and one of them used copic blend markers and also turpentine to bleed the colors since color pencils are oil based. I have not attempted to do that, but there is still time. Thanks for sharing again. I think I can implement the planning of my week for more success instead of merely going with the flow all the time.

      • Words of wisdom. Sometimes I feel like I am trying on clothes in a fitting room after the holidays…its hard to find something that fits right 😉

      • Amen. I’ve felt that way for years…until I found my way back to artwork. Now, I’m re- prioritizing and rearranging everything in my life around it. It brings everything into place for me. Took me over 40 years to figure this out. You’ll get it. You’re probably way closer than you think.

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