Dark Sky: A Free Write Part 1

The smoke rolled over the mountains  like a heavy blanket, smothering everything beneath it, and blocking out the sun. The sky, once blue, was saturated by the cloak of grey.

Anyone far enough away would have thought it was nothing more than rain clouds pulling across the sky. But this was no rain, it was fire.1382470355ix82z

The roar from over head, shook them to their bones, jerking them into fearful gasps, silencing their screams. What could have been mistaken as the clash of of rolling thunder and the whip and crack of fiery lightening was actually the war cry of a dragon.

Louvo snatched at her sisters hand, callous upon callous, and tried to pull her from her hiding places. The younger woman resisted her. She even drew deeper in with the crescendo of roars and smoke that came at them from above.

Louvo coughed and tried to keep her stinging eyes opened. Heavy gusts of wind from massive wings were making it difficult to stand. She cursed under her breath and cursed whoever it was who had roused the dragon. “Kahleem, please! We have to get away from here!” Beads of sweat stung her eyes as she peered through the thickening darkness of Kahleem’s hiding place. It was a shallow hole, covered up by two massive boulders.

There was at least eight feet of space under there. It was good for hiding from trades men who sought to steal away brides from their tribe, but it was no good for unearthly beast, no match for dragons.

Louvo reached into the darkness again just as a fountain of fire fell upon the trees no more than 60 yards from them. Then came the chill as the dark shadow of the beast circled above them.



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