Invisible Hat: A poem…and Illustration

This is my invisible hat

Illustration by Candice Coates done in ink 20min
Illustration by Candice Coates done in ink 20min: : Inhibits ALL creative movements forward.”

I wear to hide from this and that

I pull down from head to knee

And block the view of the things that are bothering me

There are a few problems with my invisible hat

It hides most of me from this and that

Not just the things that are bothering me

But all the lovely things I wish to see

It does leave view of my shins and toes

But covers up my eyes, ears and nose

My mouth too is hidden from all world view

So I  cannot speak the things I wish to tell you

Nor can I show the art you might like to see

And I can hardly hear the music that encourages me

So although I love my invisible hat

I will no longer wear it to hide from this or that

I shall use it only as a lovely floor mat

To rise above the things that try to hold me back

For I know I am courageous

And that is all I have to say about that


Invisible Hat. I totally wish I had one especially when dealing with issues like HTML. Am I the only one who dreads HTML? I am sure I am in good company with that.  Or simple misfortunes like finding a $2 off coupon only to realize it expired the day before.  Going to the grocery story to get your favorite pint of ice cream only to be met by a gaping whole because your flavor is sold out. On and on and on; these little annoyances sprinkle down in a day. The funny thing about life is if we allow ourselves to carry these”little” annoyances and don’t think to shed them immediately, we can easily be weighed down and find ourselves sinking in oceans of melancholia, thus the need for an Invisible Hat.




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