I didn’t forget: A Poem

I didn’t forget

Ink Illustration by Candice Coates
Ink Illustration by Candice Coates

Your words hit like a cannon

Blasted through my armor

Left my heart beat stammering


You set my world on fire

Burned me down to cinders and exposed my desires

Light breathes

Dark sighs

Thoughts swirl all around me

Floating on the wind and crashing currents that I can’t see


I didn’t forget…How your touch broke through

Seared passed my layers

My flesh branded with your tattoo


Is the force of this motion

The shifting of my world is like a storm upon the ocean

Laden with the hope of the calm from peace

Driven with the fury that put me down to my knees

I didn’t forget


This poem, to me, is like a hall of doors. Each line has far more to say than has actually been said. The last couple of months for me have been like being caught in the eye of a storm. Not so much in a bad way, but in a way that makes it clear that I can’t bring the issues swirling around me to a level of order…not on my own Things seem to be completely out of order. The good news is I have peace. Trusting in Him (Messiah Yeshua/ Jesus Chirst) gives me hope. He is in control here. I don’t need to be like Carrie Underwood and scream “Jesus, take the wheel!”  Nope. He has got it.  Like a child being born, I depend on Him. But the process of the storm, and the swirl and whip of the “winds” can make a person moan with agitation. His work in me (in us) can often be painful, but the process is worth it.  Birthing is traumatic. Growing is often coupled with pain, silence brings clarity. I am at the brink of something. And this I will never forget!



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