Undone: A Poem

Simple twists and turns we think

Will put our crooked paths in sync

But often what we fail to see

Is that the crookedness we fight

Is “Me”

Our minds think logic

Our hearts refrain

For romanticism is the heart’s true game

But still the battle wages on

And our crooked paths




One could almost see this poem as pessimistic, perhaps. It is truly a worked forged out of my own frustrations. Often times we (I) encounter situations that seem ridiculously hopeless for no reason. I search for solutions, attempt to apply the solution as if it were a bottle of ointment, but the reality is I have not changed. Often times to experience change, one must not only change their mind but also their heart. If both stubbornly stand against each other, there is no amount of “ointment” to bring peace and solution.


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