Journey to North End: Part III a short story

Crell began to pant, clawing at his throat, as he took in labored breathes. The entire cavity of his mouth slowly ebbed into a deep bluish-purple color as particles and pollen from the blooms embedded themselves within his soft tissue.

Rosie stumbled to her feet, somehow managing to push beyond the growing cries of what she could only imagine were claws against the metal of the vessel. “Crell?!” She grabbed hold of his hands and tried to pry them away from his neck. The pollen was choking him. He was choking himself.

“Someone help him!” She shouted at the crew who stayed put in their places, pulling their netted hoods even tighter around their heads. “He is done for, Rosie! You should get away from him! He might pull you over with his fits!”

What fits? The man was only choking himself and panicking with good reason. Rosie had never seen such a shade of blue. It seemed to swirl in and around Crell’s eyes and mouth, sucking out all the moisture.

“Wa-water! I need water!” Crell thrashed his arms about before shielding his eyes. “The sky is on fire! I need water!” He tried to get to his feet, his arms stretching towards the side of the boat.

“There is no water there, Crell. Only blooms!” Rosie pressed him back down unto the deck. She sucked in a horrified breath as she watched tiny pricks of blood begin to pull around his mouth, nose, ears and mouth. The pollen was sucking him dry, sucking him so dry that it was causing his skin to crack and bleed.

“I need WATER!” Crell shouted, shoving Rosie in her chest with such force that he sent her tumbling backward, feet over head. Had the scratching of the metal and the vile things beneath the vessel not rocked it, Crell would have certainly fallen over board. Instead he tripped over Rosie’s feet winded from the impact to his chest.

Rosie clamored forward and thrust her body on top of his, pressing him into the deck.

She suddenly realized why Crell thought the blooms were so ugly. She certainly agreed.


So I intended to only make this a 3 part story but art is organic and tends to grow at its own pace. With that being the case I have to follow its lead on this and allow Rosie and Crell to tell their story at their pace…rhyming not intended. Hopefully you will stick around for the next and potentially last installment of Journey to North End.


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