NaNoWriMo My Advice To You (Day 5 of Countdown)

NaNoWriMoThere are now less than 24 hours left before the worldwide writing frenzy of NaNoWriMo begins! Before you begin, I would like to give you my last Token of Advice.

Token 5: Create a Soundtrack for your novel.

Now, I imagine that this may have you thinking of soundtrack in the same way one thinks of a movie soundtrack. Well, that is not exactly what I am referring to here.

Movie soundtracks are designed to emotionally lead the audience in a specific emotional direction while watching the movie unfold. If a romantic scene is on the horizon, cue the sexy music. If suspense, then in comes the music that gets your pulse racing.

With the soundtrack for your novel,  collect tracks that get you into the head of your characters, reminds you of the spirit of your story as a whole. Now there are songs that you can gather that help you to build certain scenes, similar to the way movies do, and those are helpful as well.

For me, I general have specific songs for each of my characters. This helps me to keep everyone authentic. Ipod Writing a novel in 30 days can cause a bit of character confusion if you are not careful. Soundtracks per person helps with that.

How to use the soundtrack: Remember music is a muse. When I needed to let my mind rest and my fingers stretch from a long stent of typing, I would use this time to sit back, close my eyes, and listen to the songs that I had gathered that reminded me of my characters and my plot line.

This way, even while resting, I was still allowing my imagination to keep working on the story.

Think of it as an imaginative interlude and meditation. And trust me, it helps a lot.


If you have time, check out my blog posting on this very subject, created while I was doing a form of NaNo this past June while writing my novel, Ascension Graveyard.

Take a listen to the songs I have and read a chapter or two of the novel still in progress. For the blog posting follow this LINK.

To read all of the current chapters, just drag your mouse over the Ascension Graveyard tab in the main menu (or click the title a few lines up and go straight to the prologue). See if my music matches the personalities that you read in my story. And then feel free to leave some feed back. (Feedback is always a good thing.)

Should music not be the muse and medicine that you need to keep in tune with your characters (pun not intended) then try this writing prompt that I created, Coffee With Character…or Tea.

The exercise is all about getting to know each individual character in your story on a more personal level. For instance knowing they like to wear red socks on Monday may not be something you add to the story itself but it is something that helps you, the writer, build the world of their personality.

A person that specific with something as trivial as sock color, will be less prone to certain behaviors, while more apt for others.


So here is another brief recap of NaNo Tokens:

1. Write anything. Let your imagination take control. (Link to Post)

2. Have a reader who will look over your daily progress with an honest readers eye, and give you feedback. (Link to Post)

3. Set a daily word count goal that you can manage. (Link to Post)

4. Keep a Spice Rack word document of all the misplaced scenes that come into your head. (Link to Post)

5. Create a playlist that reminds you of your characters and plot, that you can meditate on during down time.

Most importantly, just have fun. Write because you can. Write because you want to, and write because your imagination is worth the time to share!

Cheers! and Happy NaNoWriMo!


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