The 96th

“Let this be the last time.” Elise didn’t know how to respond to the statement once the words had come from her doctor’s pressed lips.  She clearly meant business, and had said everything that she meant to say without using the words Elise knew she wanted to.

Taking the squirming bundle in her arms, Elise held the child to her chest and led its squealing mouth to her breast. For a moment she had hesitated upon hearing her doctor’s six word rebuke, but then she saw the babes soft pink skin and it was as if all the pain, all the harsh stares and aggravated sighs had fallen into the nothing of forgetfulness. file5581302923593

“She is beautiful,” The nurse offered her a smile, her voice little more than a whisper as she patted Elise’s leg.

“Thank you.”

Looking over her shoulder, making sure the doctor was not in ear shot she said, “She almost looks huma,”

“Velda!” The doctor’s red eyes shot Nurse Velda a searing glance. Her eyes were as ox blood, so deep and ominous that Velda struggled to swallow from having been startled so.

Elise kept her head down, cooing into the face of her suckling babe. She knew what Velda had meant to say. The babe looked almost human…almost. She was close enough for Elise, so close even with the slits she was using for nostrils. The way they opened and closed with each inhale reminded her of the gills of a fish. Her eyes were still too cloudy to tell the color. Perhaps they would look like the man’s who had fathered her. Elise hoped so. A few cosmetic changes would fix her gill like nose…if it were possible.

She had birthed so many times already and none of her other children had come this close to passing for humankind. This new child was number 96. This child would be her chance, her proof that she, like so few others, had done what her kind had been striving to do.

Elise Whistan had evolved into a human. She would be allowed passage to Earth.


Oh how I miss 15 minute freewriting when I don’t just sit down and do it. At first when I began typing and the story started telling its self, I thought perhaps this was a case of an abused youngster being blamed for the acts of those who had taken advantage of her-shunned and looked down upon for having a child she had never even planned to bare. But then Nurse Velda comes on the scene with her comment and that is all dashed to bits. Elise Whistan is a counterfeit human having babies at rapid speed in order to get permission to go to Earth. Even her name is human.  Immediately it brought to mind a story title that I had jotted down for future writing. I am not sure if this will actually be part of the plot, but time will certainly tell. Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed it!




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