“Blue” Writing Prompt Results for “Did Somebody Say Murder?”

Writing Prompt Results:

Writing Prompt Time: 20-45min

RULES: Imagine you are the number one suspect in a murder investigation, (it can be old west, intergalactic, whatever), but all the investigators are concerned about, and keep asking you about is why you are wearing the color BLUE.

*   *   *


His silver clad tail flick at the light above and sent it spinning on its tether in erratic turns in the air. Light beamed and danced throughout the room until slowly, dizzily coming to a stop as its rope ceased to move.

Buckley shielded his eyes from the light and winced at the high pitch shriek that the officer made. The sound was pain itself. There was no need for the officer to touch him. Leaning forward his near translucent fangs bared in anger he asked again, but why was he asking? The Nubulous Creed had taken up residents on earth nearly twenty years ago. They pretty much stayed out of the way of humans accept for in times of law and politics.

They were an orderly brood. They certainly did not abide things like murder. Little else was known about them.

Buckley repositioned himself and looked into the officers yellow eyes. He had done what they had brought him in for. He had even prepared the perfect alibi for it, a slippery talel just oily enough to slid right through their jagged fingers, buying him enough time to board a ship and head to the nearest planetary Confederacy.  He didn’t however have an answer for this.

He pinched the fabric of his shirt between his fingers and stared down at it. “My shirt?” He asked, his brow drawn. “What does my shirt have to do with anything?”

“Why is it blue, Buckley? Why are you wearing the color blue?!” His voice was so harsh.

“I don’t understand what my shirt has to do with anything.”

“You shirt is irrelevant! Why are you wearing blue?” The officers eyes shifted from yellow, to a sickening shade of green and then back to yellow again.

“If the shirt is irrelevant, why do you keep asking me?” He cupped his ears and then beat his fist against the table. The Officer had screeched again. He need to keep a level head, answer as best he could and get the heck out of there! “It was the first thing I grabbed,”

“I don’t care about your shirt! Humans are so foolish.” The Officer shook his head and looked at his partner. “Why are you wearing the color blue?”

On and on, the interrogation went for nearly three hours. Buckley was going mad! “I told it is was the first thing I grabbed blue was the only thing clean. I just needed a blasted shirt!”


“Her blood was on everything else!” He suddenly cupped his mouth, eyes opened. How had he let that slip.

A smile crept upon the officer’s face, his silver clad tale flicking back and forth, poison dripping from its tip. “And there is the answer.”

“You tricked me!” Buckley backed away from the interrogation table. “You tricked me!”

“I only asked a question, and you answered. Why are you wearing blue? Because you murdered her and everything else was soiled.”


I took 20 minutes on this 😉 The minimum but I am satisfied.


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