Little Canary: Freewrite of a Novel

“Don’t you want more, more than this?” There was a evident level of controlled strain in her voice. She was clearly trying to hide her anxiety, the need that had been beating in her chest like a caged bird. She wanted out, she had always wanted out.

Florian twisted the cranks on her golden cage, lowering it down just low enough for the two of them to be eye level.  She had gotten down on her knees, her hands gripping the bars of her prison. He had shrunk her down considerably. She was no larger than canary, but her eyes, her lovely dark eyes had not lost any of their luster. He tried not to look at them. He was hypnotized whenever he did. He felt like he could see the whole of the universe within them.

He stared at her for only a moment and then pulled his gaze away, rolling his neck and shoulders as the familiar rush rolled over and through him. He didn’t understand what it was about her, this foreigner, this unauthorized merchandize who had come through just as he was called to be the Governor of Commerce. He couldn’t help but blame Jamima for it. She hated having to turn over rule and had most likely brought this young woman in just to make him look the fool, incompetent.

But it had not worked. Florian had done what was necessary. The woman was condemned and put in a cage until she could be properly disposed of.  Disposing of her made his chest constrict. “What I have,” He said, his back to her, he too pretending to care little when in all truth he cared much, very much.  “Is a gift. It is an honored responsibility. There is no more that I could have wanted than to be Governor. The influence my decisions will have, not only here but in the dimension you claim to hale from, will be dynamic.”

He faced her again, careful not to look into her eyes, his arms folded across his solid chest. “What I let pass through this place, what I choose to withhold, will change the course of histories to come. Men will dream dreams, women will invent marvels, all because of what I keep or release. Who wouldn’t want that honor, this trust?”

He watched his little woman-bird, her countenance shrinking, her eyes dropping. “I wouldn’t.” She looked up at him again, the fire in her eyes like a thousand suns over a thousand years. ” I wouldn’t want the responsibility of ending an existence just because someone got lost. If that is what being Governor means, Florian, if it means no mercy. I would think you were more cursed than blessed. You have been given a burden of sadness.”


THE END…For now

This is another story that I have jotted down the idea for but have yet to sit down and write it. Sometimes I wish I had  several clones who could sit down and write out these stories while I got the necessary work of the day done. Or, better yet, they could do the work, while I enjoyed writing. Alas, there is but one of me and a girl can only write when she can.



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