Tibiny’s Discovery: Freewrite for a Future Novel

The  luster in her eyes was unmistakable. She had done it! She had finally done it! Tibiny walked around her work table, one hand on her impossibly slim hip and the other over her mouth. It all seemed so unreal.

Twelve years of labor, laughter from her cohorts and the constant din of discouragement from her family members had only fueled her to press even harder. She was certainly going to enjoy the moment of well deserved gloating during the holiday dinner.

Richlan Olser, Tibiny’s father was throwing an engagement party for her younger brother and had even invited all of his employees. The wedding of Richlan Jr to the Eldswealth family was a union of the century. The funding that Osler Inc was going to pull in was beyond their wildest dreams. The Eldswealth didn’t have “wealth” in their name for nothing.

Tibiny had not been given the same kind of lavish celebration when she was engaged and wed three years ago. She had not the head for marriage but her father had given her an ultimatum, either marry the chap he had chosen or kiss her projects good-bye.

Tibiny had almost given in and settled for a futile life filled with a pack of pets and a mass of regrets but Prinrow Hinlen convinced her otherwise. Her father’s choice in Prinrow had convinced her of one solid thing, he did care for her even though he did not care at all for all of her failed attempts in the science of time.

But now she had indeed done it, she had managed to isolate time in a single bubble. She had tested her creation on a fixed habitat of ants, and it had worked perfectly. She did a leaping twirl in the air, her skirts fanning out like the peddles of a flower in bloom.

She stopped when she heard her lab door slide open. Prinrow entered, his brow drawn and his lips a tight line. The smile on Tibiny’s face slowly melted away like ice on a warm day. This couldn’t have been good news that Prinrow was bearing.

THE END…for now.

Its been a while since I have sat down and done a free write but I am so glad that I did today. If you don’t already know, I have over 100 different storyline ideas that I have stored away on my computer. I do like must people with new ideas, I jot them down and I wait for something to come of them. Within the span of time for the creation of this blog to this very moment, I have come to learn about the power of free writes.

Initially I used them to clear out the clutter in my mind, dispel the “writer’s block.” But lately (when I have done a free write) I have found bits of the stories that I have stored away start pouring out of me. Granted I don’t know what is going to come out at any given time, nor do I recognize the piece for what it is until I am a paragraph in. That being said, this 15 minute free write is the start of a story that recently came to my mind about a month ago. I literally woke up with this in my head:

Oh I wish to leave behind the maddening hustle of the daily grind. Board a train and twist and wind into the mountain town of Darnby.”

From this vantage point I am sure that the quote and the few written paragraphs above seem completely unrelated but I assure you they are. One day soon,  when other stories have been completed, I will take the time to show you how. But for now you are just going to have to take my word for it.



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