Another Day: A Poem

Another day to sing Your praise

Before I rise before I rest

Could anyone be more Beloved than You

Days come and go but I still know

Even with the darkness there’s no fear

For You are near.

Great Holy God

How wonderful

I lift my voice in adoration’s song

Just to be near

Keep warm my heart

Loves song is heard in the whispers of your touch

My all  and all

No one else compares

Oh how marvelous you are


Quite perfectly

Righteous King

So gentle in your Glory

Tenaciously you have fought for me

Unceasingly perusing all your children

Very soon, face to face I’ll be with you

With songs that never end

Xenos upon this earth is my identity

Your promise has so much worth I seek You….



I was just sitting down, literally thinking about making myself a burger, and then I started having a moment of praise to God. Ironically each phrase began with a letter of the alphabet and so I took it and ran with it. I started typing it up and purposefully going in that direction. I have not read over it for corrections as I still want that burger but I hope you like it. Oh! and Xenos means stranger. 😉



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