Original Oil pastel done by Candice Coates
Original Oil pastel done by Candice Coates

I sleep to dream, I dream to be inspired, and through Inspiration I live. Jesus  is my Inspiration.”

I came up with that little ditty when I was 16 or 17 years old.  It was then that I created the image; myself resting and dreaming yet holding on to the Spirit of Peace.  For years I have been gleaning inspiration from the dreams that I live in each time I lay my head on my pillow at night. (Sadly the image didn’t really translate color-wise…I am still working on my picture taking skills.)

But although I understand the importance of dreaming, I often encounter people who have no concept of it all. Either they think you are lazy because you get a full days rest or they do not have the ability to remember the dreams that they have.  Both are sad cases. What is worse, we artist and writers tend to get very little sleep at all.

When I began taking from my dreams to create narratives and art a paradigm shift took place  for me. I was no longer sleeping just to get rejuvenated but I was leaving one world of creative inspiration in order to enter another.  Sleep became more necessary for me than it was before.

When our minds are at rest  (not cluttered with the worries of the day and the chores we still have left ahead of us) we are able to allow the creative power of God to rest upon us. Me, I am a Sabbath keeper. I cease from work from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday and I find that when my mind is at rest and peace do more ideas begin to flood. It is truly a gift from God. In my resting in Him, Yeshua grants me greater inspiration.

Think about an apple tree. It does not strive to create fruit, it just does so by its very nature. It rests in what it is and produces what it was created to produce.

This is why rest is so important. We as creative beings need to refuel daily in order to bring forth the fruit that is in us to bring forth.   A friend of mine understands this. She once told me, “I sleep with my contacts in so that I can see my dreams clearly.”Now I don’t recommend sleeping with your contacts on unless you have the kind made for that, but you get the point. There is life in our dreams and to get that life we have to rest to do so.

I know I have kind of gone in circles with this but that is ok I am giving you mental exercise 😉

I live you with this thought, if you are like most artists and writers, burning the candle at both ends, give yourself permission to quiet one of those flames and get some sleep. Your juices will flow with greater ease, and whatever it is that you are striving to accomplish will be more peaceably done.

And don’t mind what the accusatory voices in your head my say or even others around you. You just make sure to rest, my friend. My grandmother always mocks saying “Nothing comes to a sleeper but a dream, baby.” And my response now is “Woman, I sure hope so!” Because a dream is all I need.

Happy Creating and Happy Resting!




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