Results for Writing Prompt:The First Line

The alien was bored and the sun was fierce. Magnus didn’t know what to think, not anymore. As long as he kept his companion occupied he had no worries about his life, but as soon as the creature lost interest, lean closer to ambivalence, that is when the hairs on the back of Magnus’ neck would begin to rise. It had happened 18 times already. Magnus had counted, ticking each time down with a simply hash mark on the to of his boot.  1365016312t2mcq

His hairs were rising again.

He dragged his arm across the breadth of his forehead and blew out a breath from his mouth. Tiny droplets of sweat that pooled at the top of his lip sputtered forward in a salty spray. The alien, his companion, the one he had taken to calling Forest, eyes spark in an interested way.

He pointed at Magnus’ mouth, the animalistic glint had gone from his eye. The desire to rent Magnus’ limb from limb had taken the backseat while curiosity once again wore the crown.

“Do that again,” Forest said. It was an amazing thing to hear him speak with humanoid tongue. Even more curious since his mouth was lined with rose of razor sharp teeth. “Make the water come from your lips.”

“Spit?” Magnus grimaced. “Naw, I can’t,”  He grimaced and swallowed down the little bit of foamy saliva that was left upon his tongue. “My mouth is too dry, Forest. ” He leaned forward and finished the 19th hash mark on the top of his boot.

Forest’s dark eyes followed his movements. “What is that you are doing?”

Magnus met his gaze. “What this?”

Forest nodded. The sun reflected off of his eyes and the harsh light irritated Magnus’. “Oh nothing. I am just marking down how many times in the last hour you have looked at me as if you were going to eat me alive.” He stood up and walked back to his bunker. It has once been his ship until it crashed. Now it was feeling more like a tomb since Forest had come along almost a week ago. A less lonely tomb, but a tomb nonetheless.

Forest let out a hardy laugh one that made Magnus cover his ears and scowl.

“Yeah well you might think it is funny, but I sure don’t. Here I am letting you come and visit and all you do is stare at me like I am a meal.” He pushed his weight into the door of the ship and slid it open. He was reserving as much power as he could hoping that someone would answer his beacon. It had been a month now that he was stranded. If no one came soon he would let Forrest eat him. It was either that or starve to death.

“I don’t wish to eat you,” Forrest followed behind him, his white pearly skin shifted across the rocky terrain, leaving a strange pattern in the dust. “I am watching you, learning you.”

Magnus dropped his weight down in on of the chairs he had salvaged from his crash. He leaned his head back and let the coolness of the dark cabin suck out the heat from his burning skin. He wondered if Earth had always been this harsh. He said, “I watch you too, Forrest and that is why I am pretty certain you wish to eat me. I wouldn’t blame you. There isn’t anything meaty around here for miles. (20min mark)

Forrest didn’t say anything in turn. Instead he folded his many legs, those that he dragged behind him, into a pretzel-like position and made himself a nest to rest upon. He bobbed up and down several times before settling into place and closing his eyes.

Magnus looked at him. He couldn’t really figure out his companion. He wasn’t even sure what he was. Sometimes he reminded him of a giant spider with humanoid attributes while in other times he thought he was a snake with albino skin. Maybe he was a mixture of the two.  Anything was possible. As it twas told Earth was once the home for humankind. That wasn’t true anymore.

More so than anything, mankind had become drifters or they had settled on engineered satellites to survive. Some had it easier than others, which was a commonality of history. Magnus didn’t bemoan the reality until his plane came crashing down…literally. Now he had it a bad. He didn’t know if he was going to cook to death, starve to death or be eaten alive by the being that laughed at and watched him. Some days the heat of the sun was so fierce that he was too delirious to care.

He closed his eyes, and only thought he would do so for a short moment but woke to find that he was surrounded by complete darkness. The heat of the heat of day had gone. Day had gone and it had not done so for the entire time that he had been there. He wondered if he was in Alaska.

“Forest?” Fear danced in his voice.

A blue glow suddenly appeared where Magnus could only guess was the door. “I am here,” Forest’s voice was even. “Follow me.” He began to move and Magnus went along with him, feeling his way through the cabin of the ship to the open door.

He was flustered because the moon was shining. (End of 30min)



So what were my points?:

  1. He, The farmer, the alien, Gladys, Marco (I made up Magnus obviously)
  2. Is, Was, Had, Went, Wanted
  3. Lovely, Angry, Flustered, Empathetic, Bored
  4. The moon was shining, The sun was fierce, Yesterday afternoon, In Paris, Last Sunday.

Ok, I have to say that I had a pretty descent draw for my sentences and I did not shift ANYTHING to make things work in my favor. Actually I was hoping for something really whacky to have to work with. I probably should have come up with more far out points for each drawing section. Alas, I enjoyed the challenge. I hope you did too! Oh I did add “and” To the first sentence as to bring it to a better flow. 🙂




2 thoughts on “Results for Writing Prompt:The First Line

    1. 😀 thank you! I feel like I need to round off that ending. I need closure lol. I am glad you liked it. As I said in the post I had really good draws, I mean the chances of those sentences being built for the same story are like 1 in a million.

      BUT I am really looking forward to what you come up with. You do a REALLY amazing job with writing period, but you totally own the prompts.

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