Tiny Cinders: End of The Day He Took Her Hand

He stared into the hallow of Reflection’s hands, the empty hallow and wondered what the gesture was all about. Just as he stared she pulled her hands apart and covered her eyes.

His palm felt the scrolling again.”I was once like you, a being staring at my Reflection in the mirror, but I ran and they came through and I am no more and soon you will be like I am. All of you shall be if you don’t destroy this bridge.”

“You are serious?”1377799029j21wx

“I shall cover my eyes now. I will not watch.”

His face transitioned from several different expressions as he looked from her to the inverted tree. There was something so lovely about it, so magnificent about it and yet this strange being who looked strikingly like him, although a woman, was asking him to destroy it.

“I can’t.” He said, taking a single step backward. He was no horticulturist nor was he a tree-huger by any stretch, but something about this tree, this bridge as she had called it, made him want to preserve it, chain himself to it in avid protest. “I won’t do this.”

“Oh, you must.” The words wet his hands again. How was she writing upon his palm with her hands covering her face?

“I can’t!”

“You have to. ”

“No way,” He shook his head, his long looks sweeping his shoulders. There was something about it, something hypnotic in the ebb and flow of the deep, matte water’s surface that had captured him, made him fall in love with it. He stepped back even further and crossed his arms across his chest.

“Destroy the bridge!” Her hands formed fist over her eyes. Her anger somehow scenting the air. It smelled like burning embers.

He sniffed the air, plucking his eyes from hers only to behold the tree. Smoke was rising from its roots!

“Destroy the bridge!” She scrolled again and stepped closer to him.

He stumbled backward in utter shock, fear was rising up his neck. Reflection was changing before his eyes. Her form shifting from one similar to his to something foreign and frightening.

He reached for the tree and its waters only to watch it ignite engulfed in flames, its fibers screaming as they caught fire and burned to cinders.

“No!” He shouted again. He felt as if his one love was dying before his eyes and there was nothing he could do to prevent it.

His head was suddenly swimming and his vision was blurring. He gasped just as Reflection roared and knocked him head long into the dark boiling water!

He screamed as the wet heat saturated his body.

Screaming he opened his eyes on the floor of his shower. His body fully clothed but being saturated by the flowing waters of the shower. The knot on the back of his head throbbed beneath the wet strands of hair.

He jerked and looked around himself. Yes! He was home, he was home…he had never left…it was all a dream. He through back his head and began to laugh. It was all a dream. Standing he noticed a smiley face etched in surface of the mirror. He shook his head and wiped it away. He must have drawn it playfully when he got out of the shower. (END OF 15min)

He turned around and stopped the flow of water from the shower. Then he cracked the window to let the chill in and the heat out. He needed to change his clothing again. He was soaked through.

As he went to leave the wash room there was a tickle upon his palm, the words ‘thank you’ pressed into the soggy wrinkles of his palm. He turned just in time to see a shadowy figure quite similar to  his own giving him the “thumbs up” sign before disappearing as if it had never been there.

And he would have believed it to be so if it had not been for the tiny cinders freckling his sink.

THE END (For real this time…6min over)

I really liked doing this, unintentionally writing a short story over the last 5 days, giving each part of it roughly 15min. I liked it so much that I think it shall be the next Writing Exercise 🙂

I hope you enjoyed reading this and gleaned some creative inspiration for your own work.



8 thoughts on “Tiny Cinders: End of The Day He Took Her Hand

    1. 😀 I am glad you liked it. I added this story to my list of novels in that I feel like there is is some great potential here to really flesh out the characters…but then part of me feels like it is complete and should be left as is. All in all, I liked doing the free write over 5 days. Having to wrap up issues within 15 minutes was a fun challenge.

    2. Question, was the way in which he inadvertently destroyed the bridge clear to you? I might need to do a bit of editing to make it less vague but I think if readers follow the theme to how he did other things then the way in which the bridge is destroyed should be evident. What say you?

      1. Yes – it came across. It was like the lamp. It was opposite to his intention, so the more he wanted to save it, the more he destroyed it. Question for me was, when Reflection told him to destroy the bridge, did she actually mean the opposite? In which case, he stopped an invasion – though, of course, he stopped an invasion in any case. 😀

        Fun concepts to play with. That whole opposite thing would make it a deadly world to live in. Follow what your inner being tells you, though. If it’s complete, it’s complete until it tells you otherwise. for all you know, it’s waiting for the right time to become more and won’t until conditions are met (I think all stories have a life of their own).

      2. Well isn’t that an excellent question! Honest answer I think YES she meant him to destroy it. I believe she was a world class manipulator so she knew when to speak in riddles and when to be frank.

        I can’t say it enough, this blogging journey has been such a blessing. A lot of new story ideas have been born because of it.

      3. I feel the same way. I am so glad I found the writing community here – otherwise I’d be on my own behind a computer. The inspiration that comes from talking to other writers, and the support, is amazing – and it’s all accessible from my own desk! 😀

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