The God Who Cares for Me

The God Who made the firmament, Who made the deepest sea, The God Who put the stars in place is the God Who cares for me.”


Life would not be an adventure if it did not involve heartache amid the joy and laughter, disappointment freckled upon the face of victory, struggle against the walls of breakthrough.

We, as humans, have painstakingly created, or rather, tried to create pain free environments that lead others to believe that everything always goes the way we plan, nothing bad every happens, and  the expression of sadness is a sickness if nothing less a mistake.

There is the lie that says there is only beauty in perfection. Unfortunately many have either willing purchased this lie or have subconsciously been carrying its burden.

I am so grateful that Yeshua Jesus has gotten me to  a place where I can celebrate the imperfect, bask in my mistakes and see the beauty that can come from within them, and trust that even when EVERYTHING seems to be going wrong, He is most certainly making them work out RIGHT for me.


Because as Berg put it “The God Who put the stars in place is the God Who cares for me.” He doesn’t care for me because I earned it. He doesn’t care for me because I do everything right…I must certainly do not. Even in times when I know better, and give in to the itch of temptation to make the wrong choice, HE STILL LOVES AND CARES FOR ME.

I frown at the images of God sitting in Heaven, waiting for us to make a mistake so that He can punish us. Any earthly Father with that attitude and behavior is seen as cruel.

No, but the God who took the time to paint each wing of the tiniest butterfly or swirl an intricate design on the back of each ant to give it a sense of individuality, sees me in my waywardness and cherishes me still.

After all, if He were the kind to wait for us to stumble in order to punish HE would have never sent Messiah Yeshua to die on the Cross in the first place. If He planned ANYTHING, He planned our redemption, just as He placed the stars, just as He made the deepest sea, all because He loves us.

Rest in that, rest in the perfection of His love, and keep enjoying the adventure!


*There are a lot of great covers to this song but I REALLY think they did a marvelous job I hope you enjoy it half as much as I do 😉




5 thoughts on “The God Who Cares for Me

  1. That was beautiful! I could feel the power in that room. And the love! 😀

    As for problems – to me, every one of them has a secret gift inside, some good that will come out of it. Either a person is set on a new and better path, or they learn something within. Problems and challenges are given to us precisely as opportunities to grow.

    Great post, Candice. 🙂

    1. YES! Problems=Opportunities! The big challenge comes in us allowing our minds to experience the paradigm shift and see them that way.

      I am so glad that you enjoyed the post. 😀 Thank You!

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