Writing Prompt Results: Person, Place and Thing

Writing Prompt Results: Person, Place and Thing

I decided to utilize my Pinterest page for this Prompt. If you follow this LINK you will be able to see the images that I used for my Persons, Places, and Things.  How I used Pinterest was simple. I gathered 5 images per category, wrote down a description for each on a piece of paper, and then put it in a bowl to choose from.

As I selected my images I could smell my creative coffee brewing. What kind of story would this be, mystery, romance, fantasy? The possibilities are endless!

I begin my journey now and at the end will have my answers…as well as a title, because you can’t name something if you have no clue as to what it is. 🙂

See you at the end of this story!

**Note if you are not familiar with this prompt, you can follow this LINKto read up on it, and even give it a try for yourself!



“This photograph was taken without permission.” Astrid, held up the image so that Clyde could see it. He gave it a slight nod but continued with his work, tinkering with his latest invention. It was more like a time suck in Astrid’s opinion.

She stared at the photograph again. It wasn’t her best photograph. She actually had not intended upon being photographed at all. She was merely sitting. Her shoe had come undone and she was working to remedy the problem.

Clyde finally pulled the image from her hand. He gave it a once over, adjusting his round glasses before hiding the image away in a drawer. “You should be more careful.” He said, returning his attention to the project before him.

Astrid was confused. “I told you that the picture was taken without permission. You did see how I was posed. Its simply not attractive.”

A gear from popped free from the item Clyde so diligently fiddled with. He caught it before it rolled to the floor. “Yes well, you should have never been anywhere near a photography shop. You know the rules Astrid,” He whipped his hands on a napkin and reached around her. The starch color of his shirt dug into the harness of his square jaw, rubbing the skin into a bright pink. “It was simply by accident, a happy one I might add, that I even saw the thing. Needless to say, I relieved your admirer of it without a second thought. You should steer clear of that man, Astrid. There is something about his eyes.”

“Harold is not harm nor is he my admirer,”

Clyde’s blue eyes seemed to intensify in color from the absurdity of the statement. He could only stare at her a kaleidoscope of emotions washing over his face before the same determined look reemerged.

Astrid stared back, but did not argue the point.  She knew Harold had gone sweet on her or rather seemed to search her out whenever he could. Instead she changed the subject. “At least we were not compromised-”

“At least you were not compromised.” He corrected her. “You can thank me for that, or rather thank Mr. Beezely. He is the one that sent me to the shop right at the moment Harold was dropping his things. That is when I saw the blasted thing. And no, it is not a very good picture of you, but I will say there never will be, not in this time, not while you have your features programmed.”

Astrid touched her face. It was a strange thing, feeling something one way, but seeing it another. Her features did look completely contrary to what the camera had captured. The very woman that Harold pinned over truly did not exist.

Astrid was a brunette but she was far from ivory complected. It did not take a single ray from the sun to make her skin the deep brown it was. Her eyes, however were hazel. That was something that eh programing did not mask, eye color.

Noah Hyde had told her that. He called her on her cellphone some 400 years in the future, or was it the past? Astrid shook her head, the confusion was mounting. It was her past even though she was a woman born and breed in the future, pretending to be a white woman in the past in order to escape a death threat that seemed to be more of a promise.

It was several months ago, on a Monday when she received Noah’s call. He was far less shaken by it than she was. “Astrid, just be easy. Meet me at the Center, the main foyer. We can talk there.”

She could hear the traffic of New York through Noah’s phone. “The Center?!” She asked. Her voice cracked. If she had to go to the center then that meant she had to run…again.

She was shaking like a brittle leaf in the autumn wind by the time she go there. Noah was placid. He stood in the middle of the checkerboard marble floor and opened his arms to her. She fell into them without a second thought. The hairs from his beard brushed against her temple as he spoke, his voice rumbled in her through the solidness of his chest.

“Hey kid, no worries. We are going to get you all fixed up and shipped out of here. They won’t be able to find you this time.”

That is exactly what she was told when she had been hidden in 2011, they wouldn’t be able to find her.  Three years later, they had.

A whirring sound blew through the cold hallway and the light above flickered. Someone else had come through to 2014. Astrid felt her body go tense. Noah pulled her away, squeezing the muscles of her neck before taking her by the hand and guiding her up the stairs. “This time, we are going to have to program your features, make a few changes here and there. ”

Astrid stopped on one of the stairs. “I won’t be me any more?” There was fear in her voice and rightfully so.

Noah gave a won smile. “You always be you, underneath. Your eyes, though, they won’t change. Your eyes are your I.D. No one will ever change that.”

She pulled her hand from her white-skinned face and glanced at Clyde. He had been watching her. He glanced at her a moment longer with a look akin to a frown.

Astrid did not understand Clyde. He was always so serious, so on edge and yet he was the one who requested to be her keeper. He had come to this old time town of his own volition. Astrid had not been given the choice.

“I am going to step outside. I need some fresh air.” She shifted her skirts and walked out the back door into the dusty heat of the summer day. She shielding her eyes, she strolled towards the bench that was beneath the large maple tree that grew in what seemed like the only patch of grass in her and Clyde’s backyard.

She dropped her weight down upon it with a sigh, several buttons of her boot coming undone…again. She would have to be careful heading back to the house least she fall.  She hated this era.

A tiny bug fluttered about before settling again next to her. She looked closer at it. It was a praying mantis. She sighed again and began to make her way back to the house, taking the most careful steps. “I should do more of that myself-”

“More of what?” The easy sound of Harold’s voice called from the side yard. Astrid stumbled but kept her footing. Why was he at her house? She glanced towards the backdoor. If Clyde saw him, he would not be pleased.

“Pray.” She said. “I should pray more.”

Harold removed his hat and held it right in front of his abdomen, his right hand tucked inside of it as if for safe keeping. He smiled. “Ms. Wise, you seem to be doing a mighty find job of praying. You are always at church on Sunday. And might I add, you are always looking splendid.” He took a few steps towards her. “May I?” He asked, an eager glint in his eye. Yes, he had grown far too attached to her and she had not even given him a reason to do so. Following her like a lost pup, taking pictures of her when she was not aware. And not this, showing up in her backyard.

She had to flee her timeline because of crazy people. Now she needed to flee Harold. She could have done a better job of it if her boot had not come undone.

Before she could say another word to Harold, she heard the backdoor slam shut. Clyde stood in front of her, his blue eyes cold, the corners of his mouth pulled down in an angry grimace, the silly contraption in his hand, now full connected. It wasn’t a toy! It was a gun!

Astrid heard herself call out Harold’s name before she stumbled back, tripping over her loosened boot and falling in a dusty heap of fear and fabric.

Bright white light and heat ripped from the mouth of Clyde’s gun just as she fell, the fire within it barely missing her. Instead it barreled right into Harold’s chest, knocking him backward with massive force, his hat flying in the air and along with it the gun that he had hidden.

Several lines of electricity traced over his dead body. The plain face of the man who had fallen for her had been stripped away. All of the facial reprogramming removed only to reveal his true likeness. He was one of them, one of the men who had crossed through time to kill her.

Still on the ground she turned towards Clyde. He had lowered his weapon. He tapped the side of his glasses. “I told you there was something about his eyes. They gave him away.”


Okay, I really liked doing that! 🙂 I did, however go over time by 3min, and even though I feel like this story is not finished I am going to ease away from it…for now.



  1. Old Photo of women with Boot hook.
  2. Black man on the street with beard


  1. Marble Hallway


  1. Praying Mantis

Again, if you would like to see these images, check them out on my Pinterest page under my board titled “Writing Prompt: Person, Place, Thing.”

I hoped you enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it. Please feel free to leave feedback and comments. Those are always fun and a lovely way to help me sharpen my craft! AND yes, I know, Untitled as a title is beyond boring but sometimes it works…;)



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