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Writing Prompt: Person, Place and Thing

Writing Prompt: Person, Place & Thing

person place thing

original vector art by Candice Coates

TIME LIMIT: 45 min to 50 min

CHALLENGE: Nouns are such lovely things…or not things 😉 In this challenge we will gather random nouns and in 45 minutes create a poem or short story involving them. If you need any help with your choices visit my Pinterest page for some help. Follow the LINK. I have a collection of places to choose from, found on my “places of inspiration” board.  The Challenge sounds obvious but I assure you there is a bit of fun involved.


  1. Persons: Choose 5 names. Make up 5 names, male and female for  a total of 5 altogether. Write them down on five pieces of paper and set them in a pile. (or gather 5 images of people off the net that peak your interest, and put their images in a pile. (Make sure the contents of each page is hidden from your view.)
  2. Places: Choose 5 places and write them down on 5 slips of paper and set those in a pile. (Think of the most random places like Mac Donald’s, the grocery store, etc or choose a location from my Pinterest page.)
  3. Choose 5 random things, write them down on separate slips of paper, fold them and place in a pile.
  4. Set your timer, shake up the first pile and start writing your story/poem using the name or image of the randomly drawn person. (Spend 15 minutes building the story before drawing from your “places” pile. (It doesn’t matter if you have started your story poem in one place, now it is time to move it to another.) Also draw again from the persons pile and create a new character to the story/ poem
  5. Repeat step 4 with the things pile but without adding another person unless you feel compelled to do so. Weave this “thing” into the fabric of your poem/story and use the rest of the 45 min bringing your piece to a rounded close.

REMEMBER, if you participate in the challenge, please add a link back to this page and share your results!

I will, as always post my results next Tuesday (Yes, I am aware I am posting this challenge on Wednesday…take an extra day if you need too 😉 )




  1. I won’t join in, things are full on where I am (a LOT of stuff is happening in my life – when I have time to scratch, I will tell you about it), but I love the sound of this challenge. This is the sort of thing that can help someone over writer’s block, I think, because they have to think of fresh things, people, places, etc.

    These sorts of exercises should be gathered together into a book to help writers – are these your ideas? Put ten together, and you’ve got a book right there. I’m not joking. 🙂

    • I am truly flattered by that! Yes, they are my ideas, all but the last writing exercise that included author quotes. That one was created by my eldest sister. I honestly had not even thought about creating a book of that type…now you have got my gears cranking.

      • Oh, I am so pleased! YES – This is the sort of stuff writers are looking for – Help with ideas. Help to get motivated. Help to get over creative blockages. Self publish it through CreateSpace (which produces paperbacks and Kindle in Amazon), or wherever and you don’t have to wait for some publisher’s permission – then advertise them on your site.

        It might tick over slowly in the background, but you’ll build a reputation of helping aspiring writers – and being published!


      • I think that is something I can totally add to the list with this blog. Thank yo for the great idea. CreateSpace, how do you like it? Anything you can share about your process with it just to give me a generally idea of what I should expect from it? I have been considering using them for when I finish Ascension Graveyard.

        P.S I totally understand your having a LOT going on right now that kind of keeps you from sitting down and writing. Life has been hectic here, but the struggle to produce is worth the muscle in the end. 😉

      • CreateSpace is the only one I’ve gone through – I was scared, at first, but finally took the plunge and found it surprisingly easy. They direct you along the way and each page can be saved and left, so you can come back and continue on if you wish (takes away that dreadful feeling that you’re stuck there until you hit that publish button).

        I downloaded a booklet on font, etc., layout, from them. Give me a few minutes to find it, and I’ll email it to you. That really helps with the layout.

        I’ll put the rest of this in an email – I wrote it out here, but it’s too lengthy for a blog comment. 🙂

      • Thanks, Candice, I’m pleased to be able to help. We writer’s should stick together (frankly, there are plenty of toffee-noses out there, so I’m hanging on to the good down-to-earth fellow writers I’m meeting here in Blogsville. We really are a community). Cheers to you. 🙂

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