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So now that June has ended….

Hello all! I hope June was as much fun for you as it was for me! Yes, I had my own set of challenges this month, and as a result I was not able to dedicate the needed time to Ascension Graveyard which means I DID NOT MAKE NOVEL STATUS IN 30 DAYS!

RATS! tea time

Well, not really “rats,” to be totally honest I have a very deep peace about it. The story has unfolded in very balanced ways, ways that I did not imagine prior to writing it. It has a depth that I did not expect. For that I am grateful.

So how far did I get in my race toward 50,000 words?

WORD COUNT AT THE END OF 30 DAYS: 21,681 (Not including roughly 2,200 words that were written but not added to the document because they are bits for future events.)

SO WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?: For me it simply means I keep pressing forward. I am really enjoying the creative unfolding of this story as it tells itself to me.

WILL I CONTINUE TO POST CHAPTERS?: That is indeed the plan. For those of you who have stuck it out this far I will work hard to get you to the end hopefully with in the next month.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR THE BLOG?: As far as the blog goes, I am heading back into the former schedule for the week. You can find that here via this Link.

I plan to veg a bit this week (if that is not already obvious by my lack of blog posting,) drink lots of tea, read some books, nap and what not, put another year of life securely under my belt, start the 365 day clock over again. After all, a woman needs a mental rest.

In the event no chapters get finished this week, I will see you all come Sunday July 6th.

Be safe and be creative til then


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The Founder and Voice of I Came For The Soup/ICFTS Creative Enc. Candice Coates is a Fiction and Non-Fiction Writer, jumping from genres ranging from Speculative Science Fiction and Fantasy to Comedic Clean Read Romance and Suspense, all with touches of her Christian faith. She is a lover of Ireland, languages, tea, and just about anything with pistachios. When not writing she is creating visual art, or new designs for her handmade polymer clay jewelry line, Shizen Brook.


  1. After a fantastic working stint like that, take the time off you so deserve. I have enjoyed the story so far and will – I am sure – enjoy the continuation of it. I think you’ve got something unique there and I look forward to see how it develops.

    Cheers to you!


    • 😀 I hope to be back at it by the start of next week. I have done the boring things like…sweep the dust from beneath my bed…sigh, and rearrange my closet…sad I know, but necessary lol. I have been taking a look at the story I started last June as well, just to see how much work I need to do for revisions. There is quite a lot. That being said I am going to try and dedicate an hour or two a day to that story while also finishing Ascension Graveyard. Now I will raise my cup of Earl Grey 😉

      • I know exactly where you’re coming from. Things have been hectic over here, too. I’m barely keeping up with the basics (laundry and dishes). I try to keep up with everyone, but I just can’t do it seven days a week.

      • Well that makes two of us, and probably most of us. I tend to put things on a scale and weigh the importance; sweep under the bed or work on a few chapters…we know which wins 9 out of 10 times. 😉

  2. MAGNIFICENT! Over 20K words is over 20K words. You have much, much to be proud of. What you’ve started already is gripping and vivid. WELL DONE!!!

    • Thank you very much for that. From the start of this, I had it in the back of my mind that I would not be able to reach goal this year. I have had FAR more on my plate this month alone than I have this entire year, and I am grateful for what I was able to get finished even though there is much more to come. Thank you for the encouragement. It is much appreciated.

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