The MUSE in our MUSIC

Whenever I write, whenever I create visual art, I always allow my “ear gates” to be open. (With writing there is of course the “eye gate” that I use in order to aid in imagery or give me a place to land my written children.) Music, whether it is just background noise or a tool used to build the plot, is a big part of my creative process…It always has been. Music buds

Song and sound creative vibrations that resonate in the deepest part of our soul, spirit and imagination. Song shifts the atmosphere around us, changes our mood, directs our minds. Music is the inspirational tool that we all use on a daily basis whether we realize it or not. The sound of a fan blades blowing in your ears at night helps you to sleep. The sound of rain, thunder and lightening, helps you to relax and for me, create.

Music keys are Keys that unlock the doors to our created worlds and the hearts and minds of our characters.”

Love songs put us in a loving mood. Angry songs make us want to break things. When we struggle to connect with our emotions, music, be it with phonic words or just instrumentals, help us to say and express what needs to be said and expressed in the moment when our own words fail us.

With each novel that I have sat down to write, I have leaned on specific tunes to meditate on in order to “get my head in the game,” if you will. Not only does the music remind me of the story and place me write in the center of the plot, but it gets me inner man, my creative man, in touch with the emotion and mood of the scene. Most importantly, it helps me get into the heads of my characters, without doing this there would be no story to tell.

Music, notes, is a language all its own. It has a sound and it has a script. It has to be learned for literacy but even without literacy we all come tuned to understand what is being said. The beauty of it is that the lyrics can be saying something contrary to the story it births in us.

For each story that I have written, there is a different soundtrack or sound map. The keys within the songs help me unlock each character. Sometimes I focus on one specific character and through their unveiling I see into the hearts of the other characters around them.

Just like us, our characters are people too. They are complex, they are layered, and like symphonies, they have high’s and lows, drama and peace.

This month (and most likely for the next couple of months) I have been working on Ascension Graveyard. For me, Etta Castle Teague has been the one character necessary to unlock in order to see the others. I have recently realized that I need to have a sit down with three other characters to get to know them more intimately so that they are portrayed in the proper light, but for now I want to share with you the songs that translate Etta’s heart and mind for me.

ASCENSION GRAVEYARD Soundtrack/Sound map: For those of you reading the story (and even those who have yet to do so, you can start HERE) take a listen to the tracks and let me know if they encourage the pictures that you have formed in your own imagination of Etta and Ascension Graveyard. The songs in Blue are my Top 3 tracks.

Artist: Needtobreathe

  1. Wasteland (This song helps me to see Etta’s worldview, how she see’s things and how she thinks people see her.)
  2. Feet, Don’t Fail Me Now (This is her attitude towards the T.O.W.E.S and her war against them)
  3. The Heart (Listen to the beat and the draw of the song and hear her “heart” towards Mr. Albert)

Artist: Dara Maclean

  1. Our Only Hope (This is her past. Her present and her uncertain future, in the world and her marriage. This is more for me, the writer’s, perspective of her)
  2. Set My People Free ( This is her burden, her duty. Like I have to write or I will go mad, she has to “set the world free.”)
  3. You Are All I Need (This is what I see and what she “seems” to miss in regard to her actual need for Jørn.) *Note* you can listen to this track on Spotify. Its a free network full of music.

Artist: King’s Kaleidoscope (The entire “Asaph’s Arrow’s” CD)

*The first 3 tracks all embody Etta’s private struggle for me. They sing of the remorse she has inwardly but never shows outwardly. I don’t even know if this in her will be translated in words within the story…we shall see 😉 )

  1. All Creatures    (This link will play both this track and track 2)
  2. Come Thou Fount
  3. In Christ Alone
  4. Jesus Paid it All (This, the music, the words, express the Bitter and the Sweet for Etta. This embodies the sacrifices, the willingness to be misunderstood, all to achieve a greater goal.)

On another note, no pun intended, Ascension Graveyard has finished another round of brewing and has revealed some more of the story line. Yes, I have had the foundation, the main floor, the second floor, and the attic, of the plot but what I have to wait to receive are the staircases to access each new level. Rise over rung, people, tis indeed a process and its imperative not to miss a step.

This week I simply plan to continue with the current flow that I am on and share as the chapters finish themselves out. July is so close, but anything could happen.

Thanks for listening!



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