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Writing Prompt 2 Results: “Whipping up Disaster”

Results for All I Need Writing Prompt:Note: Because I wanted the results of my prompt to be as authentic as possible I chose to ask a friend what she would absolutely leave behind in the event her world came to an end. So here is a hearty thanks to my dear friend Lori Goyer!If you have not read the Original Prompt from last week and would like to give it  a try, follow the "Link."
What Lori would leave behind:
  1. Television
  2. Fridge
  3. Dresser
  4. Bed
  5. Electric Mixer
Here are my results:

Whipping Up Disaster

“Are you ready to go yet?” Luis’ tone was less than calm and certainly far from patient. He paced back and forward in front of the main door, occasionally pulling back the curtains, taking stock of the “damage” that awaited them on the front lawn. It was a war zone out there.

Colby, who had once been standing in the center of her kitchen in a complete directionless daze, now sat on the floor, in the center of her kitchen in a directionless daze, accept now she was crying…again.

She had managed to keep her the crying to herself this time. Luis would throw a fit if he knew.

“Colby what the hell are you doing?!”

So much for him not knowing. She thought. She looked up at him her eyes a puffy mess. He had no mercy.

He jammed his thumb back, pointing it behind him. “We need to leave, like yesterday we need to leave. There is a mob out there ready to eat you alive and what are you doing? Your are sitting here all Kombaya style, with your head up your a–”

“Luis!” Zenia Frank, Colby’s PR person cut Luis off before he could continue. He was irritated. Rightfully so. Colby had done the one thing, the one thing, she was instructed not to do and now the world was out for blood. As far as they knew, Tom Hinkle the legendary television show host was good as dead, or would be, all because Colby had to make her surprise dessert.

The whole world watched as she shoved that silver spoon of chocolatey death done poor old Tom’s throat.  Zenia waved her arms in horror from stage left. Luis buried his face in his hands and swore, as was his way, and Colby, she just smiled as she dug her own grave with pudding spoon.

Luis blew out a breath. “For the thousandth time, woman, we need to go. What are you packing?” He snapped his fingers. “Make it quick before they Google the blue prints of the house and find out about the hidden exit.”

“How bad is it?” Colby sniffled. She already knew. Luis gave her a look. She could hear the media frenzy clear inside her marble kitchen. It would make a perfect tomb she thought. “God, just let me die!”

Luis swore under his breath and grabbed her by the arm, towing her from the ground. “Five items, Colby, grab em’ and lets go!”

Colby dug in her heals.  Another wave of jarring confusion hit her and she was drowning in it.  She could already feel the fire in her lungs. “Five, only five things?”

“Yes!” Luis pulled out her larges suitcase and began to throw handfuls of random clothing items inside. “I should have done this sooner,” He said.

Zenia came in from the kitchen. She had her cellphone in hand. “I have Tom’s PR on the phone. He has me on hold but by the way he is talking,” Her expression was grim. She might as well have said “Nice knowing you, Colby. If Luis can’t hold it together I will gladly do your eulogy.”

Colby pushed past her and went back out to of her bedroom. Yes, she needed to pack. Her world had come to an end all because of an avocado dressed as chocolate pudding. WHO IN THE WORLD IS ALLERGIC TO AVACADO?! Tom Hinkle, that who! “Luis where are you going to take me?”

Luis kept throwing clothing and was heading to the bathroom. “Remember that cabin we went to for your birthday a few years ago? Perfect spot.”

The blood drained from Colby’s face.” Can’t go there! I HATE that place! I need,” She blew out a breath.  She needed a lot of things if she was going to that God forsaken cabin. She just couldn’t think clearly enough to figure out what it was. “I need my television,”

“What?!” Luis hollered from the bathroom.

“And,” She ran her fingers through her hair.  The tv would keep down boredom she would definitely die of boredom without it. “and, I need my bed because I can’t sleep on those floors. The spiders are way too welcoming. Remember that one that crawled in my nostril?” She jerked with disgust just thinking about it. “Oh yeah there is no refrigerator! What are we going to eat there!” She started to pace. She was losing it.

“Colby we are not taking your tv, or your bed or,!” Colby rambled off two more items. Luis hollered again. “There is no room for your grandmothers dresser, Colby!” (END OF MY 25min)

“And my mixer.” She rushed to the kitchen and pulled it out of its storing garage. The thing was a work of art she couldn’t possibly leave without it. She needed it.

Luis followed after her, an overstuffed Gucci suitcase in hand. Zenia was pale. Colby looked placid. She had lost it. She brushed the hairs from her tear streaked face. She could survive this. “I am not leaving without my mixer, Luis or,”

“Fine! Just get in the car!” He had read the signs all over Zenia’s face. They had to go and there was no room for argument. The rock painted as a halved avocado, hurling through the front foyer window was also an indication that things had gone south.

* * *

The ride to the cabin was less than comfortable. But they had made it. Colby had fallen asleep. She had cried terribly over the compromises that Luis had forced her to make. In the end Zenia convinced her it was a win for both. She had the pillow from her bed to rest upon, the top drawer from her Grandmother’s dresser to hold the remote from the television and one of the refrigeration drawers from the fridge, and in her arms the very mixer that had gotten them in that mess in the first place.


Ok so I went over. Even with typing like crazy I couldn’t get the story into 25 minutes and ended up writing for 32. Sigh. I had a good time and I hope you enjoyed reading it! Til next time.



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    • Thank you! I kinda like Colby and her crew as well. I think I might be able to pull something a bit longer out of this little ditty in the future. 🙂

      • That would be great. Those characters are so vital. I love the idea that Colby’s whole world could come crashing down on one foolish deed – and I loved how you dealt with the five items! Beautiful. 😀

      • I was a little stumped at first with the list, but then I thought I could make this a tongue and cheek kind of thing, remove the story from being apocalyptic to something more micro and personal to a character. Colby thrives off of baking. What happens when what she thrives off of ruins her? Really it was her being hard headed that ruined her but you get what I mean. As far as Ascension Graveyard goes, I had a few false starts today. The story is showing me more then aiding in the telling. More questions of “how” things came to be as they are have been answered, but there still remain a few gaps in the last written moment and the given answers. Still working on the bridges until then

      • Glad I am not alone in that. But I am confident in our abilities to press through it. Til then I shall have Earl Grey and you can enjoy your Port 😉

      • That’s what I like to hear! I have to encourage myself with the truth that seeds germinate in the dark. This story is still growing its roots deep in the soil and I have to give the sapling time to have a good foundation before expecting it to shoot up towards the sky. Same with your work.

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    Hello my friends! Here are my results for last week’s writing prompt! I really enjoyed doing this prompt the first time around and have the intention of doing it again, maybe even writing a story based off of another person’s list. I hope you enjoy reading it and will go ahead and give it a try!

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