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Writing Exercise 1:”Crystal Clear”

“Crystal Clear.” When I hear that phrase, apart from the understanding that something is presented without any room for confusion, the first thought that comes to mind is water.  This writing exercise is about the marriage of the two; clarity and water, woven around the basic idea of using our words wisely and carefully.

TIME: 14 Days.

DESCRIPTION: Learn how to choose your words wisely. Too many words can be distracting. Too few words can be confusing. This exercise is about training yourself to know when to use less vs more, and still maintain the impactful clarity that your writing needs to grip its readers without distracting them from the main plot.


  1. For this writing exercise, choose an image involving water. I have collected several that can be found on my “Art” board on my Pinterest Page for you to use if you would like or you can obtain your own.
  2. Next, take no more than 5 minutes to study the image that you have chosen. After such time write down the clearest description of what you have seen in the picture.  Explain as if you were describing to a person who has recently lost their sight. Give yourself as long as you need.
  3. Now that you have written out a description, translate this into a narrative form. (Try to keep your words in a page or less.)
  4. Now that you have put this into narrative form, go back to your original description of the image and describe the image in 2 to 3 sentences MAX. BE AS CLEAR AS POSSIBLE. (For those who have only used a few short sentences from the start, you are ahead of the game.)
  5. Take your shortened but equally as clear description and use this as the base for your narrative formed written description.
  6. Write down what you notice as different between the two narratives. Which do you feel is stronger? Why? Be clear here too.

Feel free to share a link to your finished exercise in the comments section.

Cheers and Happy Writing!

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