Nude in Red and Blue

I have decided to go it again with doing 15 to 20min drawings in ball point pen. This one was done in medium point Blue and Red ball point pen…The frame is totally fake but I think framing my drawings gives them a little something extra. I am not sure how long I will continue adding frames. (I am still working on the whole “Branding” thing.) I am totally open for suggestions. To frame or not to frame?

20 min drawing done in red and blue medium point ballpoint pen.
20 min drawing done in red and blue medium point ballpoint pen.

3 thoughts on “Nude in Red and Blue

  1. Frame! It gives your pictures more pizazz and fosters an air of respect, like in an art museum 🙂 . Also, from a graphic design point of view, the white around the edges would just blur into the rest of the web page. If your background was a dark color you could live without the frame, or if your canvas was dark, but with white on white, you really need it.

    I can’t help you on “branding.” I’m still working out mine.

    And I love the picture. “Life on Fire”!

    1. Wow! excellent feedback and honesty. I appreciate that the fact that I am not the only one still figuring out this whole “branding” thing. And thank you for your input on the frames. You raise a very good point. My initial reason for using them was just to give them a bit more of a presence on the blog, make the studies seem more official. But you are correct, the white on white would blur their presence.

      I do have to say though that I think your title of this piece is far better than mine lol. Thanks again.

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