Building Bridges…Burning Brands

People are quite funny creatures. We eat with our eyes first when its our stomachs and tongues that will actually get the flavor of the food. We even fall in love with our eyes when it is actually the persons character, something we cannot “see” physically, that keeps us with them.

Character is something that we experience and the reality is that experience goes far beyond physical sight.

TM original art done by Candice Coates
TM original art done by Candice Coates

Just like with food and love and just about every other thing that is part of the human experience, we tend to first base our initial decisions and choices off of sight. The reality is visual perception is often very deceitful. It gives us the appearance of one thing when it is actually another.

Prime example, a person could look at the waters in a swimming pool and say, based off of there “perception” that the water is not deep. It is when they jump in and find the water swallowing them whole that they realize their perception led them astray.

Let’s take an adventure and play in the light of our fresh creative voices!”

With building a blog brand (something I am very new at) I am finding I too need to keep this in mind. First impressions are everything, even if they are wrong impressions. The first impression that one gleans from my blog and the blogs of others come from that lovely Header we all have floating above the words we have so lovingly typed out for the world to read.

But the “eye gate” may look at your Header (assuming they did not found your blog in the news feed of WordPress, or another search engine) and think, “This blog isn’t what I am looking for.” Why? Because of how the Header has presented itself.


Killing one’s darlings is a concept that I am not only using in my writing but in my art and…Branding. For me, I like Clarity (my current header and the image in this blog.) I drew her up on a napkin some six years ago. She has a place but I don’t think that place is as the face of my blog, even though she is modeled after me (when I choose not to flatiron my hair)

The truth is when I think of this blog, there is another “me” that I see representing the “soup.” I am certain I will keep Clarity around for postings for Quotes and Questions and even Daily Words (I actually think I am going to change the title of that Tab in the menu soon anyway.)

But over all I think Clarity misrepresents my blog. She doesn’t encompass the entirety of the message I am actually presenting and that is “Let’s take an adventure and play in the light of our fresh creative voices!”

When our first image of the blog speaks clearly of our brand Bridges are built, people not only see the connection but they feel it through their “eye gate” as well. When there is a disconnect between written content and visual content I feel like there is a small seed of distrust that is born.

It makes the reader wonder “Who are you, really?” Thus the Brand needs to be burned…for lack of a better phrase.

I intend to change out my header soon as I have my graphic art done and ready. I have an image in my head, a picture that comes every time I think of this blog and this journey. Clarity is a darling of mine that I have loved and wanted to give a place…her being the face of this brand is not that place.

Til later Soup Seekers!

P.S If you have any thoughts about branding or suggestions and tips, I am all ears…and eyes 😉


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