Is It Ever REALLY Worth It?

You know that scene in the Matrix movie where Lawrence Fishburne is offering Keanu Reeves the choice between taking the red pill or the blue pill, and we all know the obvious choice is to take the pill that opens him (Keanu Reeves) up to reality, right?file8321273697614

Well today, especially I have had this thought about pills (being that I have been unlucky enough…not that I believe in luck, to come out of winter free from illness only to get bronchitis) since I had the misfortune of having to take MANY.  And in light of that I am wondering is the dosage ever worth it.

Now before you start thinking I am anti-medicine…don’t. This is about a wee bit more than that. When thinking about the blue pill vs the red pill in the Matrix, I realize that being a creative adult, balancing on the tight rope between platforms “must-do” and “desire-to-do,” I have chosen to take both pills. We all have actually.

In my mind I think I can just do the “I Dream of Jeannie ” head bob thing and I will be made 100% well. No pill needed. The reality of this is that many antibiotics (not all) give me stomach cramps from HELL. I mean yeah I will be on a swifter road to recover but at the cost of spending most of the day in a fetal position whimpering like a dehydrated infant. Red pill vs blue pill, dream vs reality.

Today I chose to take the pill…it sucked but I am much better.

Being consciously creative, we are always taking both the red pill and the blue pill at the same time. We are always wanting to wake up but stay in a state of sleep whereas we can continue to live within the world of our dreams. Waking up is often the painful part. If your dreams are vivid enough, you understand what I mean.  You don’t want to leave that place where you can fly without wings or an airplane.

And yes, the pain of waking up IS often times, worth it just as much as the pain of taking cramping antibiotics  (I am sure there is something out there that won’t give me crippling pain in order to help me heal faster but since I can go a REALLY long time without getting sick I never really have the chance to find out. Praise Yeshua for that!)

It puts me in the mind of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his “I have a Dream” speech. Really more so the title than anything. With the one pill he could have stayed asleep and lived within the surreal platform of what the world within reality could one day be, but instead he chose to wake up, asses the world around him, the pain within it and then see what it would take to make his dream INTO reality. He too took the red and the blue pill all at once, he dreamed within the pain of reality.

Alas it is indeed worth it, the pain to the pleasure, the dream to reality, the journey to discovery. It is always worth it.




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