Month: April 2014

Hearing the Sound of My Voice: Creative Discovery

We all know the little ditty “April showers bring May flowers.” We come out of winter (those of us who live above the Equator or who live in 4 season regions) only to find ourselves skipping between sunshine and rain, smiles and frowns, anxiety and hope. Is the winter really over or is nature just playing tricks on me? Before I go on let me just say rain is such an amazing thing. We often frown when it comes and we had been hoping for sunshine, but the sound of rain is so soothing. Its in the tremble of the water droplets and the crack and roll of thunder and lightening that we…rest. We calm down inwardly and are given moments of repose to think. The rain washes away but it also breathes new life…think on that for a while. Understanding creative voice is dependent upon listening to it when it speaks.” This April has given me so many of ups and downs and ins and outs. I have battled with time, struggled to maintain …

Moment of Clarity

I have already used this quote, but I figure since I am putting this in the “Quote” section of the blog, I have the green light to blog it again…that and the first time I used the quote there were no graphics to go along with it. I call her Clarity. You will find her on my main banner. She is my avatar for lack of a better word. Above her head, or my head, is a dove. The dove is the image of the Holy Spirit, God with me. It is through Him that I truly find Clarity.