The Sound of Silent Laughter

He wasn’t the most handsome man, but there was definitely something alluring to him when he laughed. In all truth Gwendolyn believed it was the manner in which he laughed that made her pulse race.  Francis had a way about every thing he did but his laugh…He would do so with silence. His eyes would close and his mouth would open just slightly. Then his cheeks would glow with a warm shade of pink as his shoulder’s slowly rose. His movements reminded her of someone receiving a hug.

But then there was also the glow of his eyes when light would shine across the soft oil’s of his lids. Francis simply glowed.

Gwendolyn reached across the blanket and took his hand in hers. The chill from the early spring and dew had wrapped around the hardness of Francis’ hand like a glove.  Gwendolyn warmed them with a kiss. She felt Francis grow tense once her lips touched his hand. She understood she had surprised him. After all his brown eyes had been closed for he had been laughing, laughing at her.

Now the moment had shifted and the atmosphere that had spun between the two friends had suddenly changed, with his silent laughter that somehow echoed within the caverns of her soul, and her soft lips brushing against the back of his hand.

With the likeness of a  kaleidoscope, Francis’ expressions changed. Gwendolyn watched each shift carefully as if they were her last breaths; surprise, confusion, fear, guardedness and then…

She hoped what she had last seen upon his plain face was exactly what she had hoped for. And she was not disappointed, for if Gwendolyn had ever wanted anything from this plain man it was this moment…this closeness…this time…his knuckles across her jawline with a gentle trace…this kiss of his lips placed upon hers.


This little story caught me quite off guard. I was actually checking my email when the opening lines popped in my head and I had to stop and write it. Blessed and beautiful Gwendolyn and Francis, the glory of their silent and yet transcendent love filled with hope and laughter. To add to the atmosphere (I feel like dj now :P) take a listen to Ms Anita Baker singe “My funny Valentine.” The words of this story brought this song to mind. Thanks for reading and on Anita’s behalf, thanks for listening.

Cheers Soup Seekers!


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