Tangled Webs…A Poem with some words after it


Twists and turns

A weavers Web

The spider’s song

Is silent instead

But with each knot

From bow and string

Comes wishes of hope

That Dreams can bring

But tangled inside

My mind is full

My heart gives

way to the spider’s pull

And if I continue

To lean to her song

Forgo all my hopes

And my dreams

Be. All. Gone.

So…being an adult with dreams of a child but with responsibilities of an adult, can be hard on you.  That old mundane tune of “Gotta be responsible” starts playing in your ear, doing its best to drown out “Dream and Play.”

March is barely at her middle and I find that with the change of seasons, I have been kind of lean on my blog. This is not to say at all that I have lost creative momentum. But I realize that sometimes I look up from a creative project that is not directly related to this blog and I think, “Oh! I have not shared my findings today…or almost all week long!”

I would like to name this issue the Spider-called-misinterpreted-adulthood-responsibilites. Often times I find myself easing back into my controlling ways, trying to compartmentalize everything so that I can get everything done. The Spider lends her encouragement but for goodness sake she sucks the life out of me.

I wonder if you feel the same way at times, fighting between desire and obligation. I desire to make lots of lovely things but obligation to do so is a heavy load to bare.

Anyhow, I have to realize that on this path of reawakening there will be Ebbs and Flows (my grandfather’s name was Ebb…just thought I would share that.) Sparks of bright creativity will ebb and flow like the ocean upon the sandy beach, and as the moon grows and decreases the motion and force of the waves will shift and change.

I am feeling these changes.  It is taking a some getting used to being that I always want the sparks. But in the end I realize that too many sparks could cause blindness, i.e I may for get to do something else equally important like sleep or wash my hair.

Alas, I feel as if I am rambling, but I mean every word.

Cheers Soup Seekers! and Happy creating!


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