Upon Moon’s Light

The pale moon spilled its silver light across the cobble stones, its fluid movements like the finest silk against a chiseled muscle frame. Calian puckered his lips and blew out a wisp of breath. With his fingers he transformed the milky vapors into the form of a satyr dancing and playing flute  in mid-air before brushing it away with a flick of his hands.

“I think it just might work this time.” Eveg said shifting the solid sailboat right at the base of the moon’s path. Large moon

Calian palmed the top of his staff and rested his chin casually upon his hands. “I have no doubt, Eveg. You are very optimistic. You do know that optimism is the wind that powers the sails of possibility?”

“Indeed.” Eveg responded. “Indeed it is, and we both know that I am full of that, optimism.”

“That or, insanity. Either one is good to have in times like these.”

Eveg had no response for that. He had been refereed to as the  “town idiot” for several years. He had almost begun to think of it as his middle name. Calian raised his chin and twirled his staff in the air. The shear whipping of its motion kicked up enough force to cause Eveg’s moon sail boat to rock. “Shall we try it again, then? I assume by the look in your face that you are ready.”

Eveg spared him a glance, his brow pulled together and his mouth a tight line. Calian’s countenance was such a sharp contrast to his own. Calian’s expression was easy, almost child like as a chilly wind toyed with his pale hair and moved it across his rosy cheeks. It was in times like this, moments when he looked into his friends lavender eyes that he thought he was nothing but a boy to being mentored when really, Calian was in the dawn of his third century, 309 years old. Perhaps he was reliving his boyhood again.

Whatever it was Eveg recognized that it was Calian’s youthful faith that kept him moving through the blur of hateful criticism. Eveg managed a smile. “Yes, my friend I do think it is time to try her out. By God’s grace, she will take to the sea of the moon and sail far into places unknown,” He cupped Calian’s shoulder. “And you and I will see it and laugh for our victory.” He hopped into his boat and readied her sails.

Calian smiled back. “Come what may we shall laugh, be it in the moon’s sea or here on this cold cobble stones.” He  knocked his staff’s end against the stones before leaping into Eveg’s sail boat, right beside him. “But if you ask me, I would much rather laugh upon the sea.”

“Then so we shall!”

And with that, the moon’s light stretched even further across the cobble path and the boat began to sail.


I think there is a lot to be said about this little story. First is the importance of persistence. I think that we who live in a world of microwave results tend to throw in the towel far too quickly. In the face of criticism we give up and banish ourselves to live and die in a hateful world of “what if’s.” For those of us who dream of publication, this attitude is deadly. All it takes is one “yes” to get our literary careers off the ground, much like Eveg’s little boat seeking to ride upon the light of the moon.

Then there is Calian, Eveg’s ancient, but youthful, faithful, friend. We all need a Calian in our lives. If you are a believer in Messiah Yeshua (Jesus Christ), you have that very friend and support in Him. Even when others are saying “stop wasting your time, you look foolish.” He will often times say “Don’t give up.” Calian in his simplicity was just darling to me.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed my little freewrite for today.

Cheers Fellow Soup Seekers!



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