Don’t Move

“You wanna rethink that answer?” Collin held the trociaade torch right at the beast’s jugular. His fingers trembled against the trigger from nerves. He had never killed anyone or anything this large for that matter, but the Trociaades had nasty, vengeful way about them. He would definitely have to kill this one, even though he let on that leaving it alive was an option.

The trociaade called, Xocar, hissed. He hated humans. “What is to rethink, boy? What’s done is done. I am willing to die for what I believe in. Question is are you?”

Collin wetted his lips. His nostrils flared. Xocar flicked his cloven tongue, a smile curving up his leather face. He could smell Collin’s fear in the air. It was thick with it. Collin could smell it himself. That was the problem with this planet, everything was exposed.

Sweet tickled his temple and tears stung his eyes. He was no murder but Xocar would end him just as soon as he got the upper hand. Collin just wanted to go home, why wouldn’t he let him go home?

As if Xocar had heard his very thoughts, he answered. “Farms are useless with out chattle. You want freedom, and we want to survive. You can pull that trigger if you please. You I will die, but you will die as well. All of you who have rebelled will.” His yellow eye rolled back to look at Collin before slowly rotating forward again. There was a calm there that made Collin’s blood boil.

Xocar was right however. Collin could kill him, right there and the moment he did he would be exposed. He would have nothing with which to bargain. Xocar carried too much weight for his kind. It was as if they worshiped him. His life hanging in the balance by the hands of a human no less, left his kind paralyzed as for what they would do.

Collin was no warrior. He did not understand the psychology of battle, but he did understand sacrifice. He had drank well from that cup so much so that his lips were stained with its wine. He also understood desperation, something that the trociaade knew nothing of. They were slow moving, serpentine, creatures who froze when cold.

He kept the torch pressed firm upon Xocar’s throat and with his other hand he managed to lower the temperature in the pod. All he needed to do was keep the things pulse going just long enough to use his imprints and then the pod would leave. He could head home to Earth and never look back again.

Xocar’s tongue flicked in the air, his yellow eyes widening with the drop of temperature, his mouth poised to articulate another hateful thought before he suddenly fell still.


Fun with free writes. I don’t know if any of you have tried to do timed writing since following this blog, but I have to tell you, it is a lot of fun. I am not sure if I will go any further with this one even though I recognize it ends abruptly with a nasty cliffhanger  YIKES. I mean I still have another story to revisit. (Being an adult with adult things to do during the day really eats into my creative play time 😉 Nevertheless I hope you enjoyed what you have read, and gleaned some inspiration for your own creative endeavor.  I hope you will join me again for more free writes .


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