Ask, Because You Just Might Get It!

Have you ever really considered the phrase, “Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.”? In light of my recent creativity explosion, this phrase has been on my mind. Honestly, I have to say I do  not ascribe to its “truth” and or warning.

On the contrary, I encourage you to take CARE in what you ask for, be specific, and expect to get it. I have always believed that even with the smallest situations in life, we ought to pray and ask God for direction, intervention, provision, whatever it may be, with purpose and care.

In the Gospel of Luke 11:9, Messiah Yeshua tells us that if we ask we SHALL receive. In verse 13 He goes on to say that if we,  “…being evil know how to give good things unto our children, then how much more does the Father in heaven?” What’s the point? The point is don’t be so preoccupied with the negative results but ask and seek good results.

I’m on the hunt for who I’ve not yet become. But I’d settle for a little equilibrium.” ~Sara Bareilles

My prayers for creative breakthrough have been answered in a massive way. I asked for light and He, Messiah Yeshua, has given me that. I asked for freedom in thought, and the mental confines that I had subconsciously put on, have certainly fallen off and crumbled to dust. Now the struggle I face is organizing and taming the wild hairs of my creative fro, if that makes sense.

There is this great song by Sara Bareilles called “Hercules.” It really speaks about my journey. Its almost as if the woman has taken the words straight from my mind.  Below is the video with the lyrics.

What am I getting at with this blog? Glad you asked.

I simply want us all, as speaking spirits seeking direction, writers and artists wooing our muses, to believe and have faith in our process of growth, and to be bold enough to ask our heavenly Father to helps us when we feel like we are going in circles. ASK, MAN! and ask expecting good.  Stop being afraid of what lies ahead. He made us creative beings and His blessings are certainly without sorrow (Proverbs 10:22)

Sometimes we get stuck in our process and we need help out. Think of it this way, Dad gives daughter a new car. Its a great blessing but she needs to be taught how to drive it. Having all that metal is a gift but it takes direction to know how to handle it properly. She asked for a car and now she’s got one. Yes, there is a new level of responsibility but also freedom.

I got help out and now I am at a place where I definitely need His help getting all my ponies to walk in community with each other. I only have two hands, I can’t paint and write and read and design and…(you get the picture) all at the same time. I need direction in not burning myself out.

So here is what we (Yeshua and I) came up with:

  • I will make it a point to blog 3 days out of the week. This way I can work on my manuscripts as well as share my growth with free writes,  sketches, revelations of the spirit, and other things like lettering and calligraphy.
  • To get you all involved (I would sure love that.) I will try to create a weekly or bi-weekly writing or art exercise for you to try on your own. I will create a new tab for this in the Menu.
  • I will write down ideas in a journal for new prospective projects as not to allow my mind to get so cluttered with all this new creative flow we have going on.
  • I will just keep having fun with this and not take myself too seriously 🙂

My journey in this continues on. I am getting closer to refining my view towards the kind of expression with visual arts that I would like to go. I have still not quite captured the full depth of things, but I am still praying about it, I am confidant and most hopeful that the outcome will be satisfying (Hebrews 11:1).  It is all working out.




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