Warm Milk

“Drink your milk, Darling,” Mama said patting Thomas’ back as she peaked out the window. It was so warm that the dark hairs of Thomas’ head had been plastered to his round face. Even Darling’s dark hairs had begun to capture the heat beneath her braids. She didn’t mind the heat or the clamminess that came along with it in the hot southern sun, but she did Milkmind the milk. She especially hated temped milk.

Chin propped against the scratchy white lace table cloth, she eyed the white liquid with a frown, watching it swirl around the glass as she gently moved it in a circular motion, white film clouded its sides. “But I don’t like milk, Mama.” Or icecream or yogurt or cream. She managed to say, all the while continuing to frown. What was it about milk that made her stomach sour?

Mama shifted Thomas in her arms, and began to fan him with what was left of yesterday’s news. Thomas’ mouth hung open, the inside of it just as red as his fat cheeks. “Milks good for you, Darling. It will make you grow up big and strong. Don’t you want to grow up big and strong?” Mama smiled.

Darling finally sat up and shifted in her chair. “Not if I have to drink milk to do it, I hate mil-” The glass tipped on its edge and the white fluid began to pool beneath the patterns of the lace.

“Darling! Look what you have done!” Mama chided. She set Thomas down and rushed for napkins all the while fussing over the milk. Darling could do nothing outside of stare at it, the corners of her mouth dipping even further. She suddenly remembered why she didn’t like milk. Thomas’ voice teetering into a full fledged cry reminded her of that. She cried like that once before. The ice cream truck had turned on end and white liquid had spread all around in a thick, sticky mess. Darling had been covered in it, so had Daddy. Darling walked away but Daddy, he had to leave part of his leg behind.

It had drowned in the sea of dairy milk and ice cream truck.


I find it funny some of the themes that come out of me when I do free writing. For one, I ADORE milk! It is my 3rd favorite beverage; water first, then tea and then milk. So writing a story about a child who hates milk for whatever reason is kind of funny to me. As far as muggy heat goes, nothing doing! I do not care at ALL for that. Anyhow it is clear that characters, like children, are always different from their parents/creators in some ways.


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