Just a Quick Word…on Quilting

My bad. Its been too many days away which has certainly not been my intention. Do charge it to my head and not my heart. What has been going on? Well I have been “quilting” with words and really just coming out of hibernation mode with everything else in my life. What is “Quilting” with words? Quilting with words is something that I think most writers do they just don’t call it such. As I said before I have over 90 different story lines that have yet to be completed, or in the case of many, started.

Quilting is where I write down scenes for a novel, the action the dialogue. I write it as it would appear in the story. This scene may be somewhere in the middle of the piece. The next scene I write may be close to the beginning. I store these scenes in a document and when my muse is ready to sit down and actually write that particular story from start to finish. At that point I take each written scene or “square of words” and piece them together in an order that builds the perfect story.

Since freewriting has been such a creative burst and a lot of my characters have been yelling at me, I have had a lot of typing and imagining to do.

So that is why I have been away. I promise to do better in the future. Actually I will write about my next plan of action in this regard in a future post.

Cheers until then!



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