Family of Seasons

“Let’s just talk it out for one moment. I promise you won’t regret it.”  He flashed his teeth in the chilly way that he always had, a smile creeping up to his crystal blue eyes. Summer stared deeper into them, giving them the usual appraisal. He wasn’t so confident, not like he was making on. That was Winter’s way. But something in the way he looked at her in that moment, smiling deceitfully, not to lie to her about his intentions, but lying about his own heart, made her lesson her glow.

Sighing, she let her shoulder’s drop and rested her chin in her golden hand. Winter’s back straightened. He dabbed away the droplets of water that had sprung forth from his frosty brow. The one’s he missed turned in to snow flakes and trickled to the ground. His expression was far less phony now, now it rang with a since of brooding urgency. Winter was so unpredictable for most but Summer knew him well. He was her husband after all.

“What is it, darling?” She already knew his request before he opened his mouth.

“Well, my dear, it is Oto,” Oto was what they called their son. “Oto, feels like he won’t be ready this year, like the last, he felt rushed.”

Summer waved her hand. “What is it that our son feels he cannot ask me this time?”

“Its really my request actually.” Winter added, tapping his wife’s hand before caressing her warm flesh. “And truth be told, it is not just Oto, but Prima as well. Prima would like a little more time to prepare for her recital as well.”

Summer’s face twisted to give a negative response. But Winter stilled her voice again with his chilly gaze. “It won’t be like last year, I promise. Give me more time at my play. Allow me to do a few more numbers. It is February after all. My intermission is about over. It wouldn’t hurt for me to play just a few more chords. It will do very well for Prima and Oto too. Prima’s flowers will bloom with greater glow and well she won’t cry as much if her own winds take away the petals. She is so sentimental that child.”

“As is Oto,” Summer shifted again. “That boy runs hot and cold. You can never tell if he is coming or going. Same with Prima, crying just for crying sake.”

“Exactly!” Winter rose a finger. “That is why I propose to continue my song. Just a few weeks longer. Prima will cry much less and Oto, well he will have had more time to be decisive in his doings.” He shook an ice crystal from his palm. It made a tinkering sound as it fell.

“And what of me, sweet husband? What of my song?” Summer gave him a long look. It was winters turn to sigh. How hard it was to live within a family of musicians. “Sing as you please. Take a turn from Oto and Prima. I will cut my chorus next year.” He rubbed his throat. “I already feel I have over extended myself.”

Summer shook her head and leaned forward, the warmth of her lips brushing against the coolness of his. She stood. “A less emotional Prima, a decisive Oto, you say?”

“One could only hope.” He took his turn and kissed the palm of her hand.

Summer smiled. “Very well my dear, take your time. Extend your song.”


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