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Eeny Meeny Miny Moe…Wrestling with Indecision

Juggling really takes skill. I can’t juggle with objects so I tend to admire those who can. I remember years ago in gym class being made to attempt the craft with plastic grocery bags. My teachers always made it look sooooo easy. I knew better. But when it comes to juggling projects, tasks and what not, I think I am really good at that.

The problem, should I call it such, that I run into would be being decisive. Indecision is one of the mountains that I commanding to uproot itself and be thrown into the sea, out of my life. It is official evicted. I tend to find myself wrestling with indecision when it comes to creative choices. To be more specific, with writing. To date I have 92 story lines and out of that number I have tackled the writing of maybe 5. So where does indecision come in. Well, I struggle with deciding which story to write next.

Let me give a bit of background here. I have always felt like my stories were like children, each one vying for attention from their mother. It has always taken a level of patience to get them each to quiet down so that I could focus on the ones who had the most pressing need, i.e the story and with characters that were screaming the loudest. Now, after doing freewrites almost every other day for the last month I find that I have MORE children screaming and tugging on my skirts for attention. WHAT IS A MOTHER TO DO?!

In comes my attempts at juggling. Now that more story lines are screaming out for attention, thanks to the opened up pathways of creative thought due to freewriting, I am going to attempt to work on writing several stories (probably no more than 3) at a time. This is frightening but something just has to be done. These kids won’t stop crying!

I am very grateful to God for the chance to even delve into my imagination and soar. This is still a grand adventure indeed, but I have to choose wisely. Every screaming child is not really in need of immediate attention. Some just need a time out.

I am open to any advice other writers would like to share on how they manage such task. I do have other projects (small business to run, commissions to do, learning other languages) that have to be tended to during the day and this kind of writing does require far more than a Quarter of an hour.

Anyhow, I shall dive ahead, close my eyes and see where I land.

Cheers and Carry on, Fellow Soup Seekers!


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