“Will you just take the darn picture already?!” Mylo adjusted the lens of his camera, his teeth and jaw clenching tightly together as an attempt to keep from cursing. He had recently taken up an oath to retire the use of expletives at the behest of his younger sister. “It makes you seem really unattractive.” She had said. “Your eyes always look wild and then no one wants to talk to you.”

Author of Image Kelley  Tom
Author of Image Kelley Tom

Her pale eyes had gazed into his with such pity. Mylo knew she was really feeling more sorry for herself than him. No one wanting to talk to him had nothing to do with him being shunned by his cohort rather him being shunned by his former fiancee, Claire. Claire had left in such a nasty whirlwind, much of it was fed by the winds of Mylo’s creative combination of his choice four-letter words. He was like a ninja when he was angry, throwing around F-bombs like sharp karate chops. Claire had used her own but she left with his at her back and Tabitha had born witness. Even though Tabitha had just made her 11th birthday, she still had a way of thinking with the innocents of a child much younger. Claire had left because of curse words and crazy eyes. She had not only abandoned Mylo but Claire too.

Mylo didn’t mind it most of the time, Tabitha’s innocent deduction of facts. He actually didn’t mind it at all. Her simplicity of thought fed his imagination. Why did things have to be so complicated anyhow? He didn’t remember things being so hard before…back when he was still able to just be a kid, live his life and capture moments with his cameras. But now, 26, fully an adult but still not quite ready to live as one, Mylo was forced to play parent to Tabitha. Dad had spent too many nights and days wet with liquor for Tabitha to stay with him. Dad just had not been the same since mom died.

Tabitha had not taken things well either.  The shine had started to come back to her green eyes a couple of years ago when Claire came around. But now the light had begun to dim a little bit. She had even said she noticed her eyes looked different, but not like his, not like Mylo’s. Mylo’s were like water and when he was angry they were wild, especially when he swore. Tabitha had taken a picture of him once when he had cut his finger making a sandwich. He had sworn like there was no tomorrow.

He swore even more when he saw the camera in her hands but she had proven her point, he did look crazy.

Tabitha. He pulled the camera from around his neck and rubbed his hand across its surface. Staring forward, he watched the cranes standing side by side in the water. The image was so beautiful. He wanted to keep the moment locked in time forever but his camera…Sighing, he put his equipment away and pulled out a pen and a pad. With a hurried hand, he forced ink onto his page until the moment had been captured in a much simpler way. The cranes standing side by side.  The others had long since taken flight leaving these two behind and they seemed to pose for Mylo as if they new what he was doing.

He scratched at his hairline and glanced at his work. It had been so long since he had drawn anything, but the image made him think of himself and Tabitha. The other cranes had flown away but these two had stayed, side by side like him and Tabitha.


This freewrite was, unlike most of the others, inspired by the image of the cranes. I took an extra 5min to finish it since I had wasted (and yes I wasted) a few minutes trying to figure out how to spell a certain word. Spelling is not my strength.  🙂


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