New Month, New Methods…with Aid from the Old

Happy February!

New month means new life and new adventures. February, Black History month, awesome. Even more awesome is the fact that we as creative beings are blessed to create more. When I think of the month of February, the colors that come to mind are Red and Orange, like fire. I image being engulfed in a flaming, dark cloud, but not to be consumed in destroyed, but more like a Phoenix ready to be reborn…spring is just around the corner. (It had better be, if Puxatnoy Phil knows what’s good for him. Phil, the beloved ground hog who see’s or does not see his shadow in a prelude to spring or an extension of winter, for those of you who do not know who he is.)

January for me in terms of color brings to mind cool blues and, icy grays along side brilliant whites and sparkling silvers. Its like fresh laundry ready to be folded. Everything is clean and set to be put in its place. Spring time is when you get to wear it. So January we began the adventure of blogging. We started out with Quarters, daily taking 15 minutes to either write freely whatever came to mind, to draw or to do both. I also shared some other projects in between.

Now with the laundry all done and folded, I am ready to put things in their proper place. The Phoenix is preparing to rise from the smoke and ash. Starting now and moving ahead into the rest of 2014, I would like to post with greater purpose with set goals in mind, goals beyond just exploration of creativity. That is the Old which will continue to aid with the new. Now I would like to not only continue with Creative quarters, but I would like to set more defined destinations. The list is as follows:

1. I would like to publish an illustrated short story every 2 months. These works will be separate from Freewrites and have no more than 7500 words.

2. As for Freewrites, this month and maybe even next month, I would like to base these off of images, write from sight. If you are interested in helping in this post a picture for me that you think would make a great catalyst for a Freewrite and I will write a story for it, and mention you in the story explanation. This is indeed a community effort after all. I will choose 1 to 3 images per week to write from.

3. Polish up this brand. Honestly, I had not thought of this blog as a “brand” but the reality is…well it is. My page still lacks visual originality. This month I would like to change that.

4. I will also link with Pinterest (Look up my board via my Email address in order to see what I am doing there or just click pinterest)to share images of inspiration for my writing and art. We all have things that inspire us so let’s share!

This is my new Recipe in light of my shunning of “Rules”…we break rules, but we gladly take suggestions and Recipes are definitely suggestions.


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