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Music, More than just Melodies


I have been meaning to write about how music plays such a big part in my creative process, and low and behold the prompt for 365 Days of Writing is about this very topic.

Music, for me, acts as a necessary muse, not really to create a plot line, but it helps me to get into the heads of my characters. Song, music, has the ability to get into the deepest cracks and crevices of a persons soul even those persons who are only alive on the plains of the imagination.

Sometimes listening to music enables me to portray the unfamiliar emotion of my characters. For instance, I have never been cheated on (I have really only had 2 relationships) so I definitely need a bit of help in expressing the emotion of that kind of betrayal. Listening to songs that weave around that topic or dive right through the center of if help me to feel what it is my characters may be feeling.

I am currently working on a piece where a woman has lost her husband at her own hand, but she is in a situation where she has no choice but to keep pushing forward even after his death. How does she do this? How does she feel having to end the life of her beloved? In comes music. The music doesn’t necessarily have to speak on the topic I am writing about, but certain rises and falls of base lines or the sorrowful moan of bows upon strings can get me in the place where I am able to experience an emotion with some level of truth. From there, from that moment I am able to write the character in a believable way.

Music also helps with creative and spiritual transition. For my character’s, just listening to the close of one song, the pause and then the slow movement into the other, enables me to do the same thing with my character’s emotions, help them make a smooth transition from one place to another. With Cd’s like with  emotions, transition is a rocky one, and sometimes the rocky transition is necessary and more real than anything. The song ebbs from quiet to loud and thumping or vise versa.

In my walk with Messiah Yeshua, in the face of uprooting and weeding, music is my medicine. Worship soothes through way of song. The Book of Psalm is a treasure for communication when my spirit man lacks words of her  own. Music is a necessary facet in my life. I communicate through it. I am communicated with through it as well. Music paid part of my tuition when I was in College. (As did my art.)

Music is more than just sound. Song has a Spirit and that Spirit speaks. Many times, even when I have not wanted to listen, it was through song that Messiah Yeshua called me His beloved and soothed my spirit. There is power there, great power. Are you listening to and taking advantage of it?

If you are listening to music, what is it saying to you?

*The above song expresses the beauty of rise and fall as well as the worship in words, Him speaking to us about His creativity, His glory, gentleness and love. I hope you enjoy. Messiah Yeshua bless.




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