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When the Oil flows

Jeremiah 8:22 “Is there no balm in Gilead, is there no healer there? Why has the healing of the daughter of my people not come?”

The answer to Jeremiah is, Yes there is a Balm, and a Healer, and He has indeed come!

Sometimes, the ups and downs of life have the ability to cause our hearts to grow hard as stone, even for those of us who belong to Messiah Yeshua. The encouraging thing is that even stones can’t help but soak up oil. When Messiah Yeshua pours His oil upon us, the oil will be soaked up and our wee little hearts will be healed and hard no more! There is relief in Messiah Yeshua.


I am learning that the soaking is not always instantaneous. Maybe I already knew that but I did not really give this truth much heed. But I believe we all need to. Consider the work of a massage therapist. You have trigger points in your muscles that are preventing you from fully moving properly. First, the therapist does the painful work of pushing upon those trigger points and working them until the rock hard knots have loosened up. The relief that comes from this therapy is worth it, but the pain during the treatment is an entirely different story. Its the applied pressure to the trigger point or knot in the muscle, that yes, amplifies the preexisting pain , but also relieves it.

Hot oil massages have the same benefits as the above mentioned, but they are much more relaxing. Hot oil massages improve circulation, oxygenation and relieve tension. Now since the oil is hot it would be a bad idea to just dump hot oil on a aching body and think that is all it takes. This is instantaneous thinking.  Simply dumping hot oil would not bring any relief at all. But slowly working the oil into the hands to cool it down a bit and then gently but firmly applying the hot oil to the hard trigger point brings comfort and relief. (There are some trigger points that I have read can be cut out if relief does not come through other methods. YIKES!)

The reality is everyone experiences some level of hurt, be it emotion, physical, mental, spiritual.  We can develop trigger points in each of these areas and these “knots” can effect our character and our creativity.

Trusting in God, believing in Messiah Yeshua, allows us to receive healing and redemption in all these areas of our being.

John 14:1 “Let not your heart be troubled. Believe in YHVH(the LORD) believe also in Me.”

In my previous post titled “Matters of the Heart”  I mentioned about how Messiah Yeshua is uprooting some things from within me, and the pain it is causing to have to go through this uprooting. Sometimes when the one healing is the one causing additional pain, trust begins to get challenged. You can believe your Doctor is indeed a Doctor but do you trust him to cut you open and operate on you while you are unconscious? Its the same thing with trusting Messiah Yeshua to heal you when pain is involved in the healing process.

Hard places in me, in us, are like stones and trigger points that have developed as a result of life’s pains. After Messiah Yeshua has uprooted the nasty things He has to deal with the parts in us that have grown hard because of the stress. He brings the oil and gently massages our hearts into trusting Him in a deeper level and eventually relief does come.

I am so glad that in these moments I don’t have to do anything but show up for the “surgery” or the “massage”. I despise the spiritual trigger points, but I am grateful for the hot oil that He uses to gently work them away.


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