“Can I come back?” She asked, her eyebrows raised high exposing a flash of uncertainty but hope in her eyes. His head turned slowly towards her, and with each calculated twist of his neck more sunlight broke through the waves of his auburn hair and shined upon her skin.

original vector drawing by Candice Coates
original vector drawing by Candice Coates

He studied her face before answering, his eyes past thick lashes drifting across her round lips, the dip and curve of her chin, up the slope of her nose until finally resting upon her eyes again. He smiled. “You can always come back.” His voice was like an echo inside of her, for the man’s lips never parted to speak, but his words were heard loud and clear. Celadon, as was her name, let loose a smile that almost matched with exacting perfection the rays of light that had beamed from beyond his mane.

“Thank you, Lysius.” Celadon whispered, turning away from him. The paleness of her skin brightened with much greater radiance than before.

Lysius dipped his eyes and the fullness of his lashes kissed the smooth lines of his cheekbones. He hardly ever spoke a word to her, his young bride. But how he loved to gaze upon her, see the delight he had for her reflect through her eyes even though her own light, though lesser, was just as brilliant in sincerity.

His heart within him, quaked with the thought of her and no longer would he resist. The time of their interlude was sure to come to an end, but not before his kiss was laid upon her lips. Rising, ever so slowly, he took her hands in his, the coolness of her fingertips quickly surrendering to the warmth in his. She was so tiny next to him. He noted her size in his embrace, but the way her lips fit perfectly between his could not be measured. It could hardly be named, though Lysius had heard it called many things through many tongues, but never once was this moment he shared with his Celadon called a kiss.

Some called it an omen, others called it nature, but more so now than ever he heard it called Eclipse.


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